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Kamis, 29 Juni 2017

#jalanjalanbabel Part 9 Ahok Village

In front of the real house of Ahok;s home in Manggar Belitung

This post I dedicated to bapak Ahok for his birthday today 29th of June. Have a blessed birthday ya pak. You and your family are always in my prayers. I hope you are always healthy until the day of you being released. Amen.

Anyway, if you are no fan of Ahok or the former Jakarta's governor then I suggest you may skip this site from your itinerary. And just in case, I will take a screenshot then DELETE AND BLOCK any rude and racist comments. Because this post is not to talk about politic and religion and race and ethnic and so on. Here goes. 

Totally happy to be here at Kampoeng Ahok - Belitung

Kampung Ahok or Ahok Village is Ahok's hometown in small village. His family's home as you can see the first photo here on this post, has been renovated more than once. Around the house there are other house, selling souvenirs like t-shirt, coffee, cookies, keychains and you can see the process of making Belitung's traditional fabric called SIMPOR. I chose not to enter for fearing I will buy more than I should. SIGHED. And across the big house, is the replica of their old house. Their old house is traditional house here in Belitung, where this few staircase before entering the house. To keep it clean, all visitors should take off their shoes before entering. 

Inside the replica of Ahok's family house

Ahok Village located in Manggar area in East Belitung. You will need aproximately 1 and half hour from Tanjung Pandan. Ahok's brother built a replica of their old traditional house since many tourists ask around about Ahok's home and family. Inside the replica of Ahok's house, there are furniture such as chair, cupboard and photos of Ahok with his family. Also drawing of Ahok, gifts from many people. 

If you wish to see the making process of traditional fabric, enter here!

The above picture, is the house where you can see the process of making and creating of Batik Simpor.  Oh by the way, Simpor is the name of local plant here in Belitung. Simpor or simpur, you can search at Wikipedia with their Latin name: Dillenia. 

Smaller version of traditional house of Belitung

Inside the real house, if you are lucky, Ahok's mom will allow you to enter so you can look around the house. If you are curious about him, then you should put this site into your itinerary. If not, then you probably don't want to visit here because well, there isn't much to see. Aside is another place for shopping souvenirs such as Batik Simpor and to see these cute animals. 

There are two donkeys

A pony!

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  1. Sebagai pengagum pak ahok, aku ksana doooong :D. Sempet beli tshirtnya aja mba :D. Tp wkt itu ga adA ibu pak ahoknya :).. Lumayan jauh ya ternyata kesana :)


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