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Senin, 25 Juli 2022

Daftar Rekomendasi Produk Skincare

Azarine merupakan salah satu produk kecantikan terbaik. Skincare lokal satu ini memiliki berbagai pilihan produk perawatan kulit untuk wajah dan juga tubuh dengan harga terjangkau.

Sejak tahun 2002 Azarine selalu berusaha terus mengeluarkan produk skincare terbaik dengan menggunakan bahan-bahan natural. Hal ini dapat memperbaiki masalah pada kulit kamu.

Beberapa rekomendasi produk Azarine yang bisa kamu beli di beautyhaul adalah sebagai berikut.

Selasa, 19 Juli 2022


Tebu hotel - Bandung

Oh dear, it's been more than half year but I haven't finish my blog post on my trip to Bandung *sighed* Okay this time, I would like to give quick review about the three stars hotel there. 

First of all, when my friend and I were planning to go to Bandung, we decided that we need to be honest to each other. Here goes, our consideration before finally choose the hotel:

- I don't have the luxury like unlimited BUDGET. I told my friend about that. I gave her the specific range, how much I would like to spend for the accomodation. 

Why is this important? When your friend has unlimited budget or the other way around (in short, just as limited as mine), then your friend will know what to expect. Staying in a 5 stars hotel or probably guest house, everything should be discussed together. 

Kamis, 23 Juni 2022


Bellamie Boulangerie Bandung

When you are traveling, prepare not only budget but also a very big and elastic stomach to contain all those delicious food and coffee along the way. You know, I didn't remember this restaurant on our long wish list. The reason, not because they gives bad services or bad food, but simply because it wasn't new. Many people who loves to go to Bandung know about this restaurant. However, on that night, before going back to the hotel, my friend decided to go there and get some pastries. There is nothing more fun to talk all night long with your friend accompanied by pastries. Plus, we were about to meet another friend who worked in Bandung.

Previously we have our early dinner... that seems going to be dinner round 1:

Jumat, 10 Juni 2022


Cafe hopping in Bandung was definitely on our list during our short staycation in Bandung. Here are the list so far that I manage to write down in this blog:  

De.U Coffee


Two Cents


Otten Coffee 


Bellamie Boulangerie

Cihapit Culinary

And now, we finally visit the Instagramable coffee shop and restaurant at Merindu. Merindu in English is miss. Maybe their wish that all visitors will miss going back to this canteen and coffee. .

Well, that sort of true for me and my friend. We visited here last November 2021 and love the ambiance there. Early in the morning, we visited Tjimanoek 43 and for the second stop, we decided this would be the one. This canteen is on one location with The House Tour Hotel - DOWNTOWN, and we were sort of thinking should we stay here or not? But, we chose other but located not far from jalan Riau; which is the main tourist attraction all there. I will tell you about the hotel later. 

This hotel and canteen is a bit hidden from the main street. They don't have many spacious area, so this is probably going to be a problem if you bring your own car. All rooms seems located at second floor. The kitchen also located on second floor along with indoor and outdoor and semi outdoor area for dine in.

Kamis, 28 April 2022


Pastry at Kumari Bake and Brew

This pastry shop was actually the very place that my friend wish to visit on our arrival in Bandung. Unfortunately for us, at that time they closed due to stock checking and internal control. They informed my friend that the shop would be opened around noon. DARN... In the end, we both decided that we would visit before going home to Jakarta. The location is not too far from the travel car anyway. And we did just that and really regretted that this was our final destination. 

Here are the list that I have posted :

De.U Coffee


Two Cents


Otten Coffee 

Merindu Canteen & Coffee

Bellamie Boulangerie

Cihapit Culinary

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