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Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

#jalanjalanmedan TIP TOP Restaurant Part 5

Tip Top Restaurant from across the street

Everytime my mom and I visited Medan, we always try at least one visit to Tip Top Restaurant. Why? Here are two reasons:

My mom loves to hang out here in here younger days with her friends. According to her, ages ago there was this department store across the street. So, come to think of it the way her generation hang out is sort of the sama with us nowadays. You went to coffee shop or restaurant and have a cup of coffee, chit chat with your friends, went to the department store and so on. Which is why she insist we should sit at the terrace instead inside the restaurant. 

Old Restaurant
If you are into historical or old sites then Tip Top Restaurant is a must visit place whenever you are in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra. Built in the year 1934 and the name was Jang Kie like the owner's name. You may find that this restaurant is famous for their home made ice cream and authentic Indonesian fried rice. There are so much to dig for you foodie and historian.

Others than the above reasons, IMHO Tip Top restaurant unable to maintain the good quality of whatever they serves to the customer. The drink, meal and beverage are a bit pricey compare with the quality. But I think sitting here is like having a journey back to the old times when there aren't many cars or people bustling on the street. So, without further ado here are the desserts that we ordered :

Fruit Ice 

Moorkop Ice

Java Ice

When I ordered cakes, the waiter politely inform me that I should visit their bakery shop located beside this restaurant. Sort of hidden, unless you live there for ages you wouldn't know that there is a bakery shop there.

I ordered various cakes and bread for my breakfast tomorrow morning. The cakes are all very soft but other than that there is nothing special about it, IMHO.

Check out the bakery here :

What was left from the cakes that I ordered

Cerita perjalanan lainnya dapat dilihat dari postingan berikut ya

Check out the route here if you are traveling to Medan right now.

9 komentar:

  1. ini sih wajib kunjung klo mau mengenang masa lampau, sama seperti ice cream oen di malang. pasti harus mlipir jadinya hehehe

    1. iya, doh jadi kangen sama tuh ice cream Oen :)

  2. Oh my God, the morkoop ice 😁 the restaurant is so legend. I think tip top is a supermarket like in Rawamangun 😁

    1. Tip Top is an old restaurant, there is one in Semarang I think, and Surabaya too.

  3. Di kotaku beberapa bulan lalu ada depot nasi goreng Tip Top. Di Surabaya ada juga Tip Top. Tapi sepertinya lain dg ini.
    Wuaaah itu es nya beneran bikin ngiler. Pengin nyobain semuanyaa :D

    1. di Semarang juga ada ya si Tip Top ini, masing2 sepertinya punya makanan andalan

  4. Biasanya tiap ke medan aku jg ga pernah absen ke tiptop. Tp kali ini lg ga kepengin krn udah seribg dan ada bbrp tempat yg mau aku coba juga :p. Kalo kesana biasanya aku suka kue2 basahny


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