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Rabu, 25 Januari 2017

#jalanjalanmedan KARO GRILLED PORK - Part 9

Front view of Restaurant BPK Tesalonika

On 31st of December 2016, my mom and me, along with my younger cousin and aunt rent a car with driver to go to my grandparents tombs, then to Cermin beach. We will talk about this later, now I want to tell you about this restaurant that serves Karo grilled Pork : BPK TESALONIKA. Around North Sumatra, is easy for you to find many restaurants serves local food with pork's meat and dog's meat as main ingredients. BPK stands for Babi Panggang Karo or simply in English: Karo grilled pork. Karo is one of Batak's tribes in North Sumatra, Batak is the ethnic group of North Sumatra. And you may say that grilled pork is part of many Batak's cuisine. One of those BPK restaurants is BPK Tesalonika restaurants. It has several outlets, I visited this one, and about the location, you can find it on Google Maps with my review as well here

Alamat Rumah Makan BPK Tesalonika

So there we were, under the rain and obviously hungry, we went in, find our table on the first floor (I think the view look nice from above but my mom couldn't climb those stairs) and order several meals. To get cheaper price, try to order in bigger portion, like per kilo. But naturally, you may order ala carte or smaller package.

1. KARO grilled Pork
We are here, so yeah we want to try the grilled pork. You know what, several years ago I wasn't really into pork. I like pork satay but other than that, no thanks. But now, trying this meal, I just loves the juicy part of this meal.

Babi Panggang Karo

Usually, along with this order the restaurant gives this one for free. To be eaten together with grilled pork is pounded cassava leaves . So don't reject this side dish.

Sayur untuk dimakan bersama babi panggang karo

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask whether the below is the andaliman chilli. According to my mom, since chilli is a bit rare in north Sumatra, locals use andaliman for spices.

bumbu makanan

And the below is cooked pig's blood with spices, for grilled pork's sauce dipping. Sound gross at first, but I have to admit is delicious!

Darah babi yang telah dimasak untuk dimakan bareng babi panggang karo

2. Soup of pork's rib, perfect to eat during cold weather, hot weather and so on.

Sup iga babi

3. Carp Arsik
This local dish is always my favorite. In Indonesian known as arsik ikan mas and you may find that andaliman also being used as one important ingredients as well.

Arsik ikan mas

No mention of drinks, because we ordered tea and drinking free hot water. My mom ordered orange juice and nothing extra special about it. The waitresses are all nice and helpful, and they remember your order without even writing down.

Here is the bill, and as you can see the price is still okay compare with the food.
The Bill.

If you are visiting north Sumatra, this place is worth visit and no worries, there are a lot of them around north Sumatra.

I reviewed the place as well on google here and to see the location check the below map.

Other posts about my traveling in Medan are all here, but most of them are in Indonesian:

12 komentar:

  1. Pounded casava leaves ini semacam urap keknya ya mb ri, cuma dia dipotongnya kecil2 gitu

    1. itu daun ubi tumbuk dek, aku jg nyontek dari wikipedia makanya aku kasih link :)

  2. Jadi lapar gara-gara melihatnya......

  3. Soup of pork's rib = This is the best! I love this clear sop, taste like heaven XD

  4. ngeliat makananannya jadi laper lagi ni mbak

  5. Nelan ludah asli aku kak..dah pengen banget makan BPK..kupandangi satu2 semuanya ini..enaknyaaa :D

    1. pulkam dululah dek :) terus mampir langsung cusss ke BPK Tesalonika

  6. Aku belum pernah makan arsik ikan mas, sepertinya enaak apalagi dimakan dengan nasi anget ya :)

    1. resepnya banyak mbak di internet, tp yg agak susah mungkin bumbu andalimannya.


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