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Kamis, 28 April 2022


Pastry at Kumari Bake and Brew

This pastry shop was actually the very place that my friend wish to visit on our arrival in Bandung. Unfortunately for us, at that time they closed due to stock checking and internal control. They informed my friend that the shop would be opened around noon. DARN... In the end, we both decided that we would visit before going home to Jakarta. The location is not too far from the travel car anyway. And we did just that and really regretted that this was our final destination. 

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Kumari Bake and Brew Bandung

Oh if only this was our first stop. BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY CAKES! And bread, and cake, and bread and cake...with affordable price. I didn't have energy to take lots of photos because the place itself is not very spacious and already too many visitors there. 

Outdoor area Kumari Bake and Brew

Though pastry shop a bit hidden from the main street but their location at three-way junction, the shop is at the corner. A bit difficult if you bring your own car, as they don't have spacious area for parking. Lucky for me and my friends who took us there, we still got enough space for parking. 

Indoor area at Kumari

They have semi outdoor area at the front, and once you enter you will find another semi outdoor area as well. There is one closed room full with air condition and yes, we got lucky again. We got the seat inside that room, not far from the window. So, we could still watching the situation outside, noticing whether the rain is about to pour or otherwise. Of course they also have outdoor area which I can imagine we would avoid it if heavy rain pouring down. 

Delicious and yummy pastries at Kumari

We ordered pastries and beverages (please don't ask which one). None of us ordered coffee as our stomach is full already. 

From Kumari to Jakarta

To bring something back home, I ordered two sinfully chocolate cake, apple crumble and brownies. IF ONLY I BOUGHT MORE!!! The prices are far below comparing with those in Jakarta. 

Their location at:

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