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Selasa, 19 April 2022


De. U Coffee Bandung

Do you know what I like about Bandung? Their coffee shops open very early in the morning, around 07.00 AM. Not many coffee shops in Jakarta willing to open that very early in the morning. Most of them open at the earliest around 09.00 AM. I know that because whenever I wish to have my early coffee and order them through apps... they are still not open...  Okay, not that I will die if I don't have a cup of coffee in the morning since I'm not really a coffee person. But, it's really irritating when you wish to have something hot, either coffee or chocolate...and can't seems to find one that already open. 

So, in the middle of November, I finally went to Bandung with my foodie friend. Since I'm really bad in making eatinerary, my friend then make one for us. I was a bit surprise to see her long list as we planned to stay one night only. But on her list, we probably need to extend our stay for another day. So, I was like ... are you sure we would be able to go to all of these coffee shops and restaurants? Though all of them located not far from our hotel, but still...can we really make it? But then again, it's a quick getaway aka short staycation... just go along with it...and see how many we could visit... 

The main destination on our list are (will be updated):

Kumari Bake and Brew


Two Cents      

Tjimanoek43 Koffie and Meals

Otten Coffee Robot Barista

Merindu Canteen & Coffee

Bellamie Boulangerie

Cihapit Culinary

DE.U COFFEE wasn't the first to visit on our list. However, on that morning when my friend already arrived around 07.00 AM, the very first pastry and coffee shop that on her list turn out close and would be opened around noon. So, we decided to meet up (since she departed from Bogor and I departed from Jakarta) at DE.U  Coffee.

coffee, pastry and breakfast at de. U Coffee

Although they are not really really ready to open, as one of the staffs still moping and cleaning the table due to the rain, but yes...they are ready to serve you hot coffee or tea with pastries. And when my friend ordered chicken salted egg with rice, this meal also available. Love it! We can sit back and relax after two hours journey while enjoying our breakfast. 

The outdoor area near the entrance gate

The coffee shop has spacious areas as well, both indoor and outdoor. The one on the first photo in this post, is the main area where you order and pay your meal at the cashier. Naturally this is also the cute spot for taking photos. Up front there are several areas, you could sit inside enjoying the coolness from aircon. Or sit at their rooftop, though in our opinion not a really cools pot for taking photos. Especially during broad daylight. You could also sit outside near the steps or sit not far from the front area, located near another building.

outdoor area at de. U Coffee

I love the outdoor areas, as long the weather not freaking hot like Jakarta. The above area, is hidden from the street. So, it was really surprising to find this one, so simple, black and white. Or you could go to the rooftop, but here is just fine for chilling out, IMHO. 

Another outdoor area at de. U Coffee

I suggested you walk to the backyard (as they called it) and there you have two options. Sit at outdoor area or sit at indoor, more private. And of course, if you need to charge your device, then indoor is preferable. The above photo, is another gorgeous outdoor area near the second indoor area. IMHO, most of the outdoor areas are for people hang out with their friends. Most of the table can be occupied by more than two visitors. If you come alone, indoor area probably preferable but that's from my own opinion. 

second indoor area at de. U Coffee

And since we prefer to have our peaceful moment with our breakfast, we decided to just sit here. We sat at the long table, probably used for office gathering or meeting. And we spent longer than we expected because the ambiance is just so comfy. 

Oh, I'm not going to spill everything here... You better check my post at Steller

And if you wish to go to de. U Coffee, here is the location

4 komentar:

  1. Kalo Nemu kafe kopi yg rasanya cocok, makanannya juga enak, duuuh aku seneng banget. Krn jrg yg begitu. Kalo jam buka, aku memang ga terlalu mentingin, Krn jrg minum pagi2 🤣. Biasa aku mulai ngopi itu jam 10 pagi mba. Tapi pernah sebel Ama starbux. Lagi nungguin temen di GPS, pagi2, rencana mau nunggu di strbx malah blm buka 😂.

    1. kl di Bandung, kayaknya semuanya enak deh... hahahah... Udah enak suasananya, makanannya, harganya pun affordable. Susah nyari yg kyk gini di Jakarta. Hahahah, kebayang keselnya mau nunggu di sbux eh malah blm buka. I can relate :))))

  2. Nampaknya seru ya. Jadi pengen ke bandung. Terakhir ke Bandung kapan sih, ada kali 4 th yang lalu.

    1. memang seru ke Bandung. gak serunya setelah pulang dari sana, lingkar perut bertambah beberapa cm :(


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