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Senin, 14 Januari 2019

The Top 5 Hottest Pet Supply Trends of 2019

Every pet owner knows the importance of keeping up with the latest pet trends. That’s because, it is only through keeping up with the trends that you can give your pet the best. Part of the trends you should keep an eye on are those in supplies. This will give you a glimpse into the latest products, and how they can positively impact your pet. To help you out, here are the top 5 hottest pet supply trends of 2019.

1. Scratch posts
One of the hottest pet supply trends of 2019 is the scratch post, and for good reason. Pets, especially cats, love to scratch themselves on surfaces. Pet lovers looking to give their beloved feline friends maximum comfort are increasingly demanding scratch posts. Check out the Beeztees scratch posts from vetsend. They are the best in the market, and their scatch posts are designed with your pet's interests in mind.

2. Dog harness
Most dog owners love the idea of walking their dogs. Not only is it therapeutic to the dog owner, but it also helps the dog enjoy the outdoors and exercise. That’s why more pet owners are demanding for these products more. The best Dog harnesses are made of soft fabric. The idea is to keep your pet comfortable when you are leading the dog.

3. Cat beds
It’s winter, and every pet owner wants to ensure that their beloved pet stays warm and comfortable. That’s why cat beds are trending at the moment. The best beds are not just warm, but are also made of durable materials to ensure that they last for long. For instance, the Beeztees baboo cat bed is made of warm, durable materials. It’s also made of a cat’s shape for your beloved cat to play, and just have fun while keeping warm.

4. Hamster play cubes
Hamsters are increasingly becoming a favorite for most pet owners. As a consequence, hamster pet supplies are trending in 2019. One of those trending is the hamster play cube. These cubes are designed to allow your hamster to enjoy their play in true hamster character. The best hamster play cubes come in multiple colors and have flexible hooks to enable you to hang them anywhere in the home. This means a hamster play cube also acts as an accessory to the home.

5. Nail clippers
DIY is a trend that is gaining traction, and it's picking up on pet grooming too. Most people now love the idea of grooming pets by themselves. One DIY aspect to pet grooming is cutting pet nails. People love this because it helps strengthen the bond between them and their pets, especially dogs. That’s why nail clippers are among the top pet supply trends of 2018. The best nail clippers have a safety feature to them to ensure that they don’t hurt the pet. They are also made of stainless steel. This ensures that it doesn’t rust. Rusted nail clippers can be dangerous if they cut your pet, because they can lead to fatal infections. No pet owner wants that for their pet.

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  1. I don;t have any pet now kak. Nggak mampu ngurusnya >.<

    1. benerrrr... perlu tanggung jawab juga kaaan


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