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Senin, 24 Desember 2018

Merry Christmas

Christmas tree at Blue Jasmine restaurant
Ages ago, I used to love decorate Christmas tree with my parents, sometimes still in the month of November. Especially there were times, when my late dad already bought gifts for me. And my parents pretended that the gift is from St. Claus. Kids loves presents, especially during special time like that. Only once a year, we can get something nice as long as being a good kid. Of course, the magical of St. Claus vanished as soon as I grew up. Realizing, that there is no way St. Claus with that big belly can enter my house to put presents for me. 

But that's the thing about Christmas. I think like any other celebration, what you remember the most is the great time with your family and friends. So, probably is not about hanging Christmas decoration around the house, or having Christmas tree at home. But together with people that you love on that special moment. 

Christmas tree at Gastromaquia

I'm not saying this because nowadays I'm too lazy to decorate Christmas tree at home. Seriously, there were times when I was too lazy to take off those decoration. I even let the Christmas tree stays on the living room until the month of February. You see, in Indonesia most of us hardly ever use real tree for Christmas. Besides is expensive and considered not practical to have it at home. But even with the fake tree, problems would occur anyway. The tree become the nest of many mosquito. Don't ask me why they like it there, but when you shake the tree...suddenly an army of them flying out from the tree. Or at night, my crazy cat try to take down all the decoration. I would find them lying around helplessly on the floor. Even when I decided to have tiny Christmas tree, that damn cat still like to destroy it. 

But anyway, this year will be my third year celebrating Christmas only together with my mom. I really miss my late dad during this time of the year. We usually go to church together on Christmas eve and pray together at home. Then of course, enjoying Christmas dinner usually red bean soup with pork, grilled chicken with chilli and my favorite grilled gurame. But, I guess...nothing last forever. 

So, I will try to make this kind of post to remember you by dear father. Me and mom hopes you are now rest in peace, and someday hopefully we all be together again. 

Merry Christmas dad, and to you all ^_^

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