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Rabu, 05 Desember 2018

5 Movies About Horses To Watch This Christmas

Christmas is perhaps the best time to relax with your family and enjoy a horse movie. Some kids unconditionally love horses, and movies are a way of encouraging that passion. Horses are usually gentle while being majestic and powerful creatures. They often develop loyalty and love towards their gentle and kind masters. They are very friendly and devoted animals that can help people blossom and heal in numerous ways. If you love horses, but you do not have the opportunity of spending time with them in person, horse movies can enable you to indulge that affection. Here are five films about horses to watch this Christmas.

1.    The Black Stallion
The Black Stallion is a classic horse film that the whole family will enjoy watching. It is about a young boy and his family who are traveling on a ship that is also transporting a stunning black stallion. Unfortunately, there is an accident at sea and the ship sinks, thus leaving the horse and the boy stranded alone on a deserted island. They quickly become good friends, and after the rescue, the horse is trained, and the duo starts racing other champion racehorses. It is one of the best horse films, and it was even adapted into a TV series due to its popularity.

2.    National Velvet
Another nostalgic horse movie, the National Velvet tells the story about a lady who is seeking the chance of racing her horse during the Grand National Sweepstakes event in England. A retired and experienced jockey assists the young girl in preparing for the race, but there are plenty of obstacles that they face. First of all, the girl does not have enough money, and it is illegal for girls to race. The young lady decides to cut her hair to look like a boy to get the chance to race, and she ends up being the winner.

3.    Seabiscuit
Tobey Maguire, the actor who famously starred as Spiderman, stars in this exciting film that is set in the depression period in America. Both the jockey and the horse come from tough backgrounds, and they learn so much during their adventure. It is a very inspiring and moving story. You may need to keep some tissues on hand as you are likely to tear up a bit.

4.    Hidalgo
In this film, an endurance rider played by Viggo Mortensen is requested to visit Arabia to compete in a long race with other Arabian horses. It is an exciting horse movie to watch this Christmas with plenty of adventures before the race occurs. Viggo Mortensen did most of the riding in the film, and he ended up buying the horse that played the Hidalgo role.

5.    Black Beauty
This film is about a struggling widower and his family. The father gives the daughter a young colt called black beauty to help in taming it. It is a touching story that shows a daughter fighting to be viewed as a young woman and a father trying his best to do the right thing despite the difficult circumstances.

5 komentar:

  1. Saya tidak merayakan natal, tetapi kalau lihat kalender memang lumayan panjang liburnya. Asik juga nih kalau stock film buat ditonton sekeluarga

    1. Iya mbak, film2 ttg hewan biasanya sukses bikin mewek dan mengharukan, plus bisa ditonton brg sekeluarga

  2. I’ve seen all those movies ���� any romantic comedy movies recommendations?

  3. Entah kenapa aku belum tertarik nonton film natal ky gini hahhaa, pgnnya nonton film lokal aja tp kayaknya ga ada ya film lokal bertema natal


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