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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2016

Dark Story: The Magicians Trilogy

Lev Grossman

It's been a while since I read fantasy stories that get me hook and unable to stop reading pages after pages. Actually I read these three books before making review about The Girl on The Train

And then I bumped into this tv-series called The Magicians, originally from trilogy by Lev Grossman. Okay, I don't think I can write a bit without giving any spoilers so you better stop reading if you don't want to know more...

The main character is Quentin coldwater, a total selfish jackass who seems always searching for something that even himself doesn't know what's about. He is infatuated with long childhood friend: Julia.  But Julia already taken by another childhood friend: James. The three of them loves reading fantasy books but only stories about Fillory by Christopher Plover that they love the most. However, Julia and James grow up and moving on while Quention still like reading the series. Over and over again. Until finally, he has invitation to attend university entrance exams. 

Only, this is not just any university. But is Brakebills, where Quention found out that he and other students that passed the exams are magicians. He met other students like Penny, Elliot, Janet and Josh also Alice. And yes, they are all have read about Fillory and still loves talking about it though not as intense as Quentin. Quention started to live double life, as his parents not aware about his ability. Eventually, he forgot about Julia and start to get close with Alice. But is the process of learning magic is the thing that takes his time and energy. He met again with Julia and find out that Julia take the same entrance exam but failed to enter Brakebills. She begs Quentin to help her but he refuse and going back to his life in Brakebills.

Quentin continued being jackass including to Alice even until Penny know the way to enter Fillory. It's a place exist somewhere on this earth, unreachable by usual transportation like car, ship or plane .Yeah reader, Fillory is the real thing but not as wonderful as they are imagine. Quentin and all his friends face danger that can cost their life. 

After Alice's sacrificing herself, Quention get to be the king of Fillory with Janet, Elliot and Julia. Again, though more calculated than before, Quention find the routine of being a king is a bore. He long for another adventure and finally able to get one with Julia, only to be back in his home town again. While in panic, looking for a way back to Fillory he started to appreciate the beauty of the world. The world that he used to despise and hate. He received cyrptic message that FIllory is in danger. Will Quentin be able to pull it off and save the other world that he loves so much?
In this book, reader also learn more about Julia's journey to become the magician. She has to endure more gruesome process. She has to will herself to forget about the previous life, watch her family dissapointed with her and finally leave to become full magician. Hang out with people who understand her ability and equally talented. The journey back to earth allowing Quentin to meet his school friend Josh and his friend: Poppy. 

In the end of this book, Quentin take a big blow like a mature man. He is no longer selfish and already has concern for others. Even though is cost him a lot.

Quentin no longer king in Fillory and start his new life as a teacher in Brakebills. When he try to save his student, he realize Alice is still around and try to bring her back. Again, he receive information that soon there will be the end of Fillory. Even after he learn ugly truth about Fillory and the writer, he still loves that place a lot. He will do whatever he can to save that place. This is the moment when Quentin really has grown up. He is thirty years old already and realize that he loves Alice and only wants her to be happy. His student who also has connection with Fillory is being included to this adventure. 

What I like about this book that all the girls are great magicians. They don't need man to save them because they are talented and fear nobody. This trilogy like opening our eyes that doing magic is not as fun as it looks. Like everything else, learning magic is time consuming. You can't learn magic then pretend your old life will be just fine. You have to choose even that will lead you to disaster. You have to want it so much that even the physical pain will be endured. They tends to be prick, egoistic bitch and bastard but that is the price of want something so much. 

Awesome trilogy. I just wondering why the series is totally different from the book. 

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