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Senin, 30 April 2018

Watching #InfinityWar with My 80 Y.O. Mom

Okay, finally I was able to see Infinity War after avoiding social media for a few days. People are so relentless and thoughtless, always want to show the whole wide world that they have seen it first. Though usually I don't mind spoilers but this time I prefer not to. The problem is, well you can't shut down the whole world right? You may avoid reading social media but sometimes you running into group of people at the mall. They have just seen the movie and only natural they chit chat about it straight away. 

But anyway, I have planned to take my 80 years old mom to see Avengers: Infinity War. You probably will like, what? Why on earth your mom want to see that movie? First of all, me and my parents loves watching movie in theater. Second, we have this favorite old movie theater not so far from our home. Third, my mom bored at home and she has been asking me to take her to the movie. She has preference though, she won't watch animation and horror movie. Period. Others, though she probably going to roll her eyes and often sleep for a few minutes during the movie, that's fine. She just loves going to the movies, eating popcorn (though she can't at this moment because her blood sugar) while enjoying stories on big wide screen. 

Though usually I took her to see the movie on Saturday, but recently I took her on Sunday. WHY? Oh yes,  there is a why. I want to use cash back promo from local bank BTPN, up to IDR 50.000. So, if I paid for two tickets amounting IDR 100k, totaling 200K, I will get 50K in return. Why so expensive? There are more ticket fares cheaper than that... Okay... let me lay down tips to take an elderly to see the movies

Yes, unfortunately this is one very important thing that I have to consider. We tends to feel the need to go the bathroom for various reasons. Simply because bladder problem to women over 30 years old. Or we bring drinks and having too much of it. Other reason, you are taking medicine and need to drink a lot of water.  Or well, you just want to pee or even worse... you got stomachache for whatever reason. Either way, you need to go out in the middle of the movie. And we all know, how long this movie will take.
Sooo, before going to the movie I start to think which one of various theaters that have shortest route to the rest room. And I can think only one and that is our favorite movie theater : Megaria or now known as Metropole. But the kind of theater in Megaria who has shortest route the bathroom is PREMIUM theater. Meaning, the ticket fare will be pricey for my budget. But fine, at the very least I have made up my mind which theater we should be going.

There will be no problem for the most of us to take the stair. But to my mom, that's a big problem. First, due to her weight doctor no longer recommend her to walk too much. It won't be good to her knee and her leg as well. Unless we prepare to get headache because watching the movie up close at the front row then I have to find other alternative. Again, that means I should go the premiere theater. Inside the premier theater, all the seats are bigger, more like sofas. So, there will fewer seats but spacious area to walk in between. That if either my mom or me can't no longer hold the urge to go to the restroom. This time I really made up my mind.

Ticket fare.
Lucky for me, I am opening saving account at local bank called BTPN and the name of the saving program called JENIUS. Jenius has many promos and one of them to give cash back 50% or maximum 50K Rupiah for movie tickets. So, if I watch the movie alone, the ticket amounting IDR 60K then I will get cash back IDR 30K. The ticket fare at Metropole Theatre is IDR 100K for person. I know I shouldn't find cheaper price when taking my parents to the movie. But if I could take advantage on cash back promo then why not? 

Well, we need to go to eat first before the movie, right? My mom still need to take her medicine. The movie theater need to be near the food court or at least easy for us to find something to eat. And no worries, Metropole theater is near with food court and restaurants and even Starbucks. Why not eat at home? Well dude, is Sunday, we need to go the church and we probably hungry by the time we arrive at movie theater.

Anyway, those are my considerations before taking my mom to movie theater. Thank goodness she still able to walk with her walking staff so there is no need for us to bring wheelchair. 

So, did she enjoy the movie? Nope... Hahahaha... my mom enjoyed the moment but she completely has no idea what's the movie all about. Though she asked me, will there be another one of the Avengers movie? I think there will be but we have to wait until next year mom :)

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4 komentar:

  1. Haha, saya gak kepikiran ajak ibu nonton film ke bioskop. Mungkin kejadiannya akan sama, ketiduran XD.

  2. Bener mba, banyak yg hrs dipertimbangin kalo bawa orang tua ke bioskop. Kalo mamaku, masih blm ada msalah ama kakinya, tp dia ga suka nonton. Jd percuma dibawa ke bioskop. Kalo mama mertua, suka nonton, tp ga kuat lg kalo hrs naik tangga. Makanya kita pasti cari bioskop yg ramah utk orang2 tua seperti mereka :)

    1. iya, yg gak perlu naik anak tangga terlalu banyak sm deket ke restroom. Dua faktor penting inih... biar gak senewen pas ntn :)


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