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Selasa, 13 Maret 2018

Museum Macan - Art Experience

Infinity Mirrored Room By Yayoi Kasuma at Museum Macan

Have you ever wonder to own a painting and hang it on the wall in your house? I have and wish the painting made by myself. Of course, as years goes by I have never created my own painting. And never think to buy one as most of them are expensive. Then recently, I found out my friends into watercoloring so I asked her to teach me. She taught me a bit due to limited time that we both have. So, in the spirit of me back into drawing and watercolor I heard about this art museum called Museum Macan (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara). Not only the museum displays various paintings from local and foreign painters (and the prices of those paintings and art worth a fortune!) but also this Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama. I decided took a one day leave from the office to visit this museum. Why? Because I heard and read that the queuing line to enter this mini room is crazy. You need to wait for hours before finally enter and have about 45 seconds to take photos. 

So, I went there alone with motorcycle taxi known as GoJek. Both me and the driver have no idea where exactly this museum located. We end up asking around and also open maps on our handphone. And yeah, it was far away from my home but finally I arrived there around 10 A.M. There is no sign on the AKR tower where the museum located. If not from the big Starbucks sign at the front, I probably would missed this place. 

By the way, the museum have giveaway if you go there between 13 of March until the last day 18th of March 2018. Yes, the museum will be closed for a while. Perhaps preparing for a new theme or exhibition. 

I bought ticket on the spot and here are the rules informed by the staffs

Visitors in front of I Nyoman Masriadi's paintings

1. Not to bring my bag along. Just camera (if you bring any), cellphone, wallet. If you bring tripod, monopod, selfie pod or whatever pod, you may just forget it. Those are not allowed to enter the museum.
Why? Wait, there are more....

2. Once inside I should not put any of my belongings (all of the things that allowed to enter the museum with me) on the floor. 
Quick thinking, if you are on your own, you bring these information brochures from the cashier desk, means your hands will be full of your things. Make sure you wear outfit with many pockets around to carry your things. 

3. Don't lean on the wall when you take a selfie. 
Yeah, you know those cool pose with one of your feet up against the wall... not going to work mate... 

4. Staffs not to be asked for help to take photos.
I can understand this as we often treat other people like crap when it comes to take selfie. Not until you feel you are good enough on the picture, usually we don't stop. To avoid that kind of things, you better bring your friend or companion.
I asked other visitor to help me to take my photos and most of them don't mind. Don't hesitate to offer your help to them. And once the deed has been done, make sure to escape to see other paintings. Fast.

5. The famous Infinity Mirrored Room
Usually they only allow visitor to be inside for about 45 seconds and yes, they use the timewatch. Since I arrived there early in the morning and not many people around, they let me inside a bit longer than usual. 

6. Don't touch the painting.
Yes, I don't know why this sudden impulse to reach out the painting are there inside most of us. Otherwise, why on earth this regulation even exist in the first place? 

7. Entries.
I bought the ticket on the spot so when I was about to go out, the staff asked me would I be returning there later? Just FYI, the rest room is outside the museum. If I want to go inside again then my ticket need to be stamped by them. So, the ticket allows me to be inside the museum the whole day if I want to.
BUT, make sure you asked about this when you buy the ticket online. Probably they have different regulation. 

So did I love the paintings? Some of them, I have no idea what's about but the others.... yes... I love them. Either from combination of the color, or the funny current situation (like our habits to glued on the phone all the time). Here they are... few of them , more pics to come.

Ascending By Cai Guo-Qiang

Me imitating the painting
In front of I Nyoman Masriadi's painting

Inside Floating Garden at Museum Macan

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  1. i am fall in love with the first image of this blogposttt. Awesome!
    I think, all of musiums that i ever visited have same regulation: don't touch the object. :d


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