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Minggu, 25 Desember 2016


At Koinonia Church

Merry Christmas papa.

We are not here in Jakarta right now, because it will be painful to celebrate the first Christmas without you.

When I was a lot younger, I always think that Christmas is the moment when I will have new clothes, good meals and even find family gathering a bit boring.

During Christmas celebration in the year 2014 at Central Park Mall

Not until you and mama fallen sick then I realized that our time together is not limitless. I start to understand why mama insisted that we should always spend time with family during festive moment like Christmas. Because we never know what will happen in the future.

I am glad that we spent this 7 years of Christmas together, even though for only to grab a quick meal at the mall, or catching a movie. And I know most of the time, you slept during the movie because of the story but nevertheless you enjoyed it anyway. Never thought I am going to miss that moment when the three of us entering theater and eating snack while watching movies.

Another thing that I am going to miss the most is Christmas tree. I decided not to have one this year because what's the point? Like santa's hat that people making such a fuss these days, Christmas tree is just another ornament. We may put it on or not, that is not the essence of Christmas celebration. But those ornaments are things that can make people spend time together. Put accessories around the house, Christmas tree and often arguing. Are there too much ornaments or why not put them all around Christmas tree? You loves watching the lights on Christmas tree though is the thing that really difficult to put on and put down as well...

Everything is never going to be the same and probably it never was...

Miss you always papa... Until we meet again... Hugs from your only daughter.

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  1. natal, selain berdoa dan mensyukuri kelahiran Tuhan pastinya berkumpul bersama keluarga. saat ada yang kurang pastinya rasanya tidak sama lagi. Tapi dengan yang masih ada tetap nuansanya bahagia :) Selamat natal bu

  2. Merry Christmas, Kak and family. Yes, the meaning of Christmas (I think like Lebaran too for me) is we enjoy the moment with people we love and pray for those are not beside us anymore 😊


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