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Jumat, 02 September 2016

Tap-in and Tap-Out

To you all busway users, if you are frequently get off at one of the busway stops at corridor 1, then you surely notice there is something new.

Unlike commuters line users, busway passengers usually just hurriedly go out from the busway stop without have to tap out their pre-paid card. Especially now, there are many passengers use busway feeders and they usually pay with cash. The official in charge usually will give them some kind of receipt. And as we are all know it too well, we just throw away the receipt or pay no attention whatsoever.

But now, if you are get on the busway feeder and paid with cash then you better keep the receipt.  The receipt look like the below photo. Especially if you are about to get off in any busway stops at corridor 1 (the route is from/to Kota Station to/from Blok M). Because the receipt is your only way out as you are obviously can't tap out.

The announcement inform the passengers that by tapping out, it will not reduce the balance in the pre-paid card. So you see, I told you once the remain balance in my pre-paid card was only Rp 10.500,- while the regulation to use commuter line, the pre-paid card has to have Rp 11.000,- as the minimum balance. Since busway using flat rate, there is no minimum balance just as long as enough to pay for the busway fare. And since we have paid in advance for busway fare, rest assure we won't be paying double fare just by tap-out the pre-paid card.

I wonder will there be any changes with the busway fare? All these times we pay only Rp. 2.000,- every morning before 07.00 A.M and after that we pay IDR 3.500,- 
Will busways fare be like Commuters LINE (local train) , adjusted per how far you travel? Otherwise, what's the point of us trying this tap-out right now? 

Anyway, I also spotted this announcement for you all Jakarta travelers. Hopefully this will be useful and have fun with the free-ride (yikes, I haven't try it myself).

Just a reminder that weather is not friendly here, sometimes rain like crazy but it can be very hot. Just make sure you wear something comfortable while traveling in Jakarta. Don't forget to bring your cute  hat!

3 komentar:

  1. What a smart tricky way to insert your sponsored link here ,:-p

    1. hahahaha, Vicky you make it sound you tricked away :))))

  2. Wow there'a a new rule of busway. Since having card, I prefer taping my card than paying cash :D


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