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Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

Street Vendor around Harmoni St.

Martabak telor mini
Seperti biasa mau mengajak teman-teman untuk ikutan lomba review aplikasi blog. Pulsa Rp. 100.000,- loh sebagai hadiah pertama... Masih ada waktu hingga tanggal 24 Maret 2016 kok... 

Now after my brutal promotion, I want to talk about these two street vendors. 

All these years I have been working in the office located around Harmoni street and never realized that there are street vendors who sells fried snacks. Well, aside that I was on diet I was also try not to spend money on morning snack too much. 

But one morning, when I was passing this one street vendor...and saw many snacks... I decided to ask him if he sell martabak telor. If you have no idea what kind of food is this you can check it here at Wikipedia.

I like the martabak that he sells because contains only egg and vegetables. Not that I truly vegetarian or anything but I dislike martabak that contain tofu. Many people nowadays like variation of egg martabak with tofu but not me. So, I am happily decided to buy the martabak daily for my breakfast. Yeah, I know. It's not a healthy breakfast but I like it anyway... He sells many other snacks but I only interested in that martabak. He also sells nasi uduk in small portion which is I think enough for breakfast. And most of those snacks are not expensive. Like for martabak that I used to buy is about IDR 1.500,-  and I think all those snacks contain NO PORK. 

Then there is another street vendors that sell snacks on the pedestrian bridge. Most of the snacks that he sell CONTAIN PORK. Not all of them but you better ask to make sure. 

First I have no idea that the above shumai contain PORK then when I bought it again and asked, he confirmed it. Since I like that many of the snacks contain with pork I bought several times from him. But not daily as the snacks are more expensive. Like the above shumai cost me IDR 8.000,- though of course is much cheaper if I ate it somewhere else.

Pastel ; probably no pork (check about it at Wikipedia)

I think contain PORK
 Check it out at Wikipedia

Risoles; pretty sure contain PORK
Check about it at Wikipedia

Pretty sure that the above snacks that contain no pork is the PASTEL. 

Technically these two are not suppose to sell anything around public places. Which is why you won't see them very long. Only in the morning when people are craving for breakfast snacks. I hope by sharing about them will give them more income instead of getting rid of them...

9 komentar:

  1. aku juga suka martabak mbak,,aplgi kl maih anget..uwww

    1. yg ini sayangnya udah gak hangat...huhuhuhuhu

  2. ngeliatnya siang2 begini bikin laper ke ubun..ubun..hahhahaa

    1. sama mbak, saya jg yg lagi jawab jg jd laper dan baper

  3. Wah muantappp tuh kayanya, kalau martabak asin saya belum pernah coba kebanyakan yang rasanya manis mulu mbak.

  4. salam kenal dari blogger newbie gan :)
    folback google plus ku ya gan hehehe

  5. Wah jadi nostalgic ma harmoni, gajah mada plaza borong dividi ama sekitar sekitarnya ni abis baca postingan ini
    Tapi gorengan di bawah jembatan atu mahall

  6. seperti biasa, Ria. aku nitip siomay ya dari si engkoh *hahahahahahahaaha*


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