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Selasa, 09 Februari 2016

Serious Movie: The Revenant

Screenshot from the official website

You know when I entered movie theatre, usually I expect the movie to be thrilling and have a happy ending. But, with this movie is another way around. I was totally curious about it as The Revenant has been nominated for 12 awards for Oscar, win 3 awards at Golden Globe awards and many more. I know this movie would have me watch it in deep thoughts. But I never expected I was going to hold my breath for so many times.

The story began with two different scenes. One scene with Leonardo DiCaprio hunting in the wilderness. The other show group of people with lots of pelts, probably will be sold later. But then they were under attack by the Indian and were only able to escape with few of the pelts. And worst, only few people managed to get out alive. That includes their leader Capten Henry (Domhnall Gleeson), their guide and his son (Hugh Glass – Leonardo DiCaprio and Hawk – Forrest Goodluck), Bridger (Will Poulter), the hostile Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) and several other members. 

During their trip back to their main base, Glass attacked by a grizzly bear. Though he managed to kill the bear but he was badly wounded. Since the other survivors were agitated, Henry offered rewards if any volunteers willing to stay with Glass. Bridger and Hawk instantly said they will give their rewards to the third person. And for the money, Fitzgerald agreed to stay with Glass and the others. 

However, ever since the first time they met Fitzgerald show his distrust and disgust to Glass and his son. He offered Glass to end his misery in the sake of his son, since they are still being hunted by the Indians who attacked them. But, Hawk find out what Fitzgerald meant to do and scream for help. Fitzgerald kill Hawk, lied to Bridger that the Indians were closing in. So, they left Glass in a hole that Fitzgerald has dig previously. In a hurry, Bridger left his water can for Glass. 

Obviously, Glass survived the ordeal. Not only he managed to escape the Indians, he is also able to find his way back to the main base. And finally to revenge his son, he hunts down Fitzgerald.

This movie is totally exhausting for me to watch, and I’m sure the whole casts and crews feel the same way. But, the cinematography is AWESOME! I can feel the cold of the snow and the rain and the storm.  I almost sorry for not having my jacket for the cold (yeah, it was also raining outside so the theater getting colder than usual). For me, watching Hugh Glass struggle to survive to get his vengeance is killing me. Imagine, you have to watch him suffered for hours. And in the end, I feel I want to nod vigorously with Fitzgerald when he said to Glass,”You came all this way to revenge your son?” (or more or less he; like me questioned Glass…to escape from death just to find another way to die).

Seeing how hard this movie making, I am all go for the Oscar rewards for them.  I still recognized Leonardo DiCaprio; but Tom Hardy is unrecognizable! It took me a few minutes to finally realized that Fitzgerald is him. This is not a movie for us to enjoy in the most relaxing way. This is the movie for you to cringe now and then, and hold your breath. Especially the scene when Hugh Glass attacked and almost eaten by a bear. My gosh, what a long and hard way to die. The bear has ripped him in several spot on his body and yet he is still alive! So tormenting!

For the record, this movie is based on Michael Punke's novel The Revenant (a part of it). The event is inspired by the real fur trapper Hugh Glass in 1823.  

Still in doubt whether this movie worth your time? You may check the official trailer here:

And yay! The Oscar for leading actor goes to: Leonardo Dicaprio!

7 komentar:

  1. Ini baru film favoritku. :D Tapi bioskop di sini jauh. :(

    BTW makasih udah ada translate di blognya. :D

    1. kak anis bilang film Favoritnya, padahal baru tau judul ini ge dari sini...ngaku deh ngaku

  2. Menarik ceritanya, malah pengen baca novelnya nih, mbak, hehehe

    1. hmm iya... tokoh Hugh Glass ini menarik kl dari yg aku baca di Wikipedia... Ada beberapa kisah tentang dia dipertanyakan apakah fakta atau fiksi...

  3. hmm jadi gitu yah.... bagus juga sih filmnya,, tapi akumah lebih suka film RAMBO.... :D xexexex

    1. gak banyak ceritanya ya, cuma pukul2an terus dari awal smp akhir :)))))))


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