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Jumat, 01 Januari 2016

New Year Resolution

What is the most people loves to do when the new year come?

Making another resolution :D

I think we just love having something new in our life... Just like me whenever I have new diary or empty book, i feel there are so much I am going to write there... New ideas emerging from my mind can not wait to be written in those new white empty pages... But wait when we have finally reached half of the diary... suddenly we lost interest and forgot all the things that we have promised in the early year...

Now..., again... I am trying to write...really write them (you know using pen or pencil) on a diary about things that I want to do for the whole year. Like really, really blogging and not going hiatus again for a long time. 

So, let us open new chapter in our life in the year 2016... Don't give up hope when we finally reach the middle of our diary... Keep on doing what we have planned and may all our plan can be done...

*perhaps my plan meeting Daniel Craig someday, one day can really happen? Tsssh....- Need to understand the difference between plan and dream*

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  1. I do love the fireworks in new year's eve, but somehow i hate it too, coz too noisy wkwkwk


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