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Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

Comforting Chocolate Milk

Welcome October!!!

A friend of mine asking me about my chocolate drink and I was a bit confuse how to explain to her. THAT... I never write down the ingredients like how many spoons for the chocolate powder and so on. So last week I try to take photos on every steps for making the chocolate milk. Hopefully, these pictures will help.

First of all, I use any kind of milk to make the chocolate drink. And not using any specific chocolate powder. But it just happenned that I use these products when I was taking the photos

Here goes :

Prepare the milk, dark chocolate powder or usual chocolate powder. For the sweet taste you nay add sugar or brown sugar or simply cinnamon powder.

I usually put and mix them together before adding the milk

But we want to make ice chocolate drink! Yeah, still you need to boil the milk but don't take too long to do that. As it will ruin the milk! Remember to keep on stirring the milk while we heating it up.

And there our chocolate milk...

Okay, I know this is not much to be called a recipe. But, we need to try and try and try again until we finally say,"Well, this is the hot chocolate that I really like!"

If I want to have it cold, I usually make this drink early in the morning and have it cool down for a while. Then I put it in the freexer for a couple of hours as I don't use ice cubes. And another cold chocolate milk is ready to go.

Have fun trying to make this at home ^_^

8 komentar:

  1. Aku suka bikin nihhh. Hot chocolate paling enakk :D

    1. emberrrr... pas banget kl lg capek abis kerja bakti atau emang lagi pengen aja ^_^

  2. minumnya enak, buatnya malas, gak ada yang buatin sih hahah....taunya cuma minum aja

    1. wkwkwkwkwk... kl gitu emang mending beli sachetan aja ^_^

  3. *Cleguk cleguk
    Langsung pingin nimbrung minum
    Ternyata susunya kudu direbus dei yaa


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