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Senin, 04 Maret 2024

Time Traveling in Jakarta

Maison Weiner Cake shop

Yes, let's go back in time right here in Jakarta. And since, eating is my hobby then the theme for time traveling now is pastry and dessert. Though there are many old bakery shops or restaurants even supermarket here in Jakarta, I have little knowledge about them. I only visited one with my mom but that was ages ago. So, last week I visited two of them. 

The first one is : MAISON WEINER

I asked my 85 years old mom, ever heard about bakery shop Maison Weiner? And she replied she hasn't. She know about Baltic Ice Cream, Sarinah department store, Tan Ek Tjoan's (unfortunately this one has moved from their old store in Cikini street) but nope she never heard about Maison Weiner. So, I decided to check this one and I remember that they will be closed on Sunday. And there will be 20% discount every Saturday (one of many factors that drive me to go out in the middle of hot day).

Of course if we are too lazy to go there, we can always have them deliver to our home through online shopping. 

Maison Weiner

The place itself really looks soo vintage. The place is not too big or fancy, and only few visitors able to dine in here. They have cold drink from chiller and if you wish to drink something hot, they only serves hot black coffee. However little options they serves, not stopping visitors to dine in there. If you are not in a hurry, you can have a chit chat with the server. They don't mind answering inquiries from customers. 

Maison Weiner

As you can see, not many tables available for customers. But this is the kind of place for us who are not in a hurry and just want to take the time to enjoy the ambiance. The air con is just enough to drive away the heat from outside. 

Maison Weiner bakery

I tried their famous sourdough bread with smoked beef and cheese (and yes is good!) and cake roll and bitterballen. For bitterballen, they will fried it before serving to the customer. Either for dine in or takeaway. The rest is not too special but I like the experience here. I think I would like to try their apple pie next time. 

For payment they accept QRIS so no worries. 

Maison Weiner Jakarta

Is this place elderly friendly? I would say 50:50 then, depends on the condition of the elderly and the following:

- No idea is there any restroom for public use?

- Not too easy entrance, IMHO

- No couch or any other comfortable seating


Baltic Ice Cream


My mom took me to eat ice cream here so long time ago. The place has changed a lot, not as nice as it used to be... But then again, when I was little there were not so many ice cream parlor or fancy gelato shop. Baltic started operating since 1939; more or less about the same age as my parents. However, not so many people know about Baltic. Mostly people know about the other old ice cream parlor, probably because they have two outlets. 

This one, used to have area to sit and have more variants to enjoy. But nowadays, they only serves only few variants. And they are more into catering service. The other important point, their location is almost at the corner and I might say completely no parking space. 

When I went there, I didn't take many photos as there was other visitors enjoying their ice cream. So, I just bought for takeaway. Not to worry, this place accept QRIS payment

Is this place elderly friendly? From my POV, probably not because just to get here is a bit of hassle. But, for old times' sake then sure, is not a bad idea to get here. Better use online transportation because no parking space available. 



This bakery shop not as old as the other two, established since 1968. Aside from cakes (including thousand layers cake), you can also find traditional snacks too. And most prices around IDR 6000 only! 

You can also dine in but better for takeaway, as like any other old shop this place is not too comfortable. As far as I can see, they only put a fan on the wall, and not sure that can drive away the heat. 

Toko Roti Tegal

I bought my favorite snack: martabak telor and shiew mai. For my mom I bought klepon and thousand layer cakes but in slices. 
If you wish to buy thousand layer cakes one whole cakes, better pre-order by calling them. The taste is good, considering the price. Usually this kind of cakes are pricey due to the ingredients and difficult making process.

makanan toko roti tegal

Will I take my mom or other elderly person to come here? Probably yes if only for 30 minutes or 1 hour max. Like I said, the place is not too comfortable to sit for hours let alone bring your work here. Remember, this is still old school kind of shop where people only come to get whatever they need to buy and take off. 

Do you wish me to write me more about old shops in Jakarta? Just drop your request in the comment section. If I am up to it, then I will try to visit the old shops :) 

4 komentar:

  1. Wah, tempat-tempatnya vintage semua ya. Seneng deh lihatnya. Tapi sayang kalau gak ada tempat duduk nyamannya, jadi gak enak berlama-lama. Rata-rata tempat jadul gitu sih ya. Jarang yang ada sofanya :D

    1. betul. Kalaupun ada tempat duduk, juga jadul alias gak ada yg empuk2. Tapi kalau untuk ngonten 1 jam oke kok. Pelayanan ramah, roti dan kue2nya juga. Ada yg terlalu manis mnrt seleraku, tapi yang sourdough memang ok.

  2. Tan ek joen....hmmm kalau cafe kue kayak gini udah pasti akoooh suka mba ri hihi...apalagi ada kue tradisional juga di samping yang kue kue belanda...sama satu lagi mba ri yang aku suka Monami bakery..pas masih di jekardah aku hobi banget jajan di monami bakery...biasanya aku beli lumpia basah tebung yang aku suka banget saus nya juga lapis legit 😊

    1. sayangnya Tan Ek Tjoan sudah tutup di Cikini, sedih aku. Pdhal plg seri beli kue2 di situ karena affordable dan rasanya juga enak, gak terlalu manis.


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