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Jumat, 16 September 2022

The 5 Best High Waisted Jeans for Curvy Ladies

Although low-rise denim is somehow making a comeback, the resurgence can't change the fact that the best high-waisted jeans never go out of style. They are comfortable, versatile wardrobes essential and suitable for wearing all year round. While high-waisted jeans are usually associated with the 80s and 90s, they still offer a fresh feel today and provide an air of effortless cool to any outfit. 

Crisscross Upsize High Waist Jeans

The crisscross style is a no-brainer when looking for a unique pair of jeans. The pair is perfect for every curvy woman and feels as comfortable as sweatpants. This denim is amongst your typical pair of straight-leg jeans comprising a crisscross waistband that makes even the simplest clothing, including sandals, minimal jewellery and a ribbed tank, stand out from the crowd.

Barrel Leg Jeans

The clothing comes in US sizes 14-18, with an admirable and wide selection of on-trend pieces. It ensures that plus-size ad curvy women don't feel left behind in stylish stakes. You will find cheap women's jeans from casual to occasion wear wholesale. The barrel-leg denim is a case point. You will love the fashion silhouette that is more flattering due to the high-rise waistband and big pockets.

The simple fit from the hip to thigh is skimming instead of hugging, appealing to individuals who don't want a tight fit. The style provides a comfortable amount of stretch, which doesn't bag after wearing. Also, it has a narrow cuff that easily pairs with many footwear styles, from the best white trainers to boots.

High-Rise Skinny Soft Sculpt Jeans

The clothing from wholesale jeans is so comfortable since it is made of soft sculpt denim that allows it to stretch while maintaining its shape. As the name suggests, this denim will shape your legs, making them look more appealing than they do. High-Rise Skinny Soft Sculpt Jeans stand out for curvy women because they remain true to size even for curvy and petite ladies.

The skinny high-rise jeans will leave you confident, and you won't have to worry about an accidental plumber's crack while bending over. This type of denim is available in the regular, ankle and tall lengths.

Wedgie Straight Jeans

Although this jeans style doesn't offer you a wedgie, it has a distinctly cheeky effect. Wedgie straight jeans provide a natural rise that fits right at your belly; thus, it's high but not extremely high. While it consists of an old 501s feel, it has a more generous cut. The slight stretches in the Wedges make them more appealing due to modern sensibilities around the fit.

Ribcage Ankle Jeans

Ankle jeans are among the perfect denim fit. The ribcage's lofty cut is placed deliriously high to clear the belly button easily. Also, they are surprisingly comfortable with the right amount of flare at the ankles. These offer an effect on legs for days due to ultrahigh waist.


If you are searching for a pair of everyday jeans, look no further than wholesale jeans. With petite, regular styles, they are the destination for affordable cheap women's jeans and on-trend styles for curvy ladies.

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  1. Ya ampun mak, aku mah kynya kurang ngerti model celana jeans deh, taunya jeans ya gtu aja, kirain cuma satu model, hehe. Terima kasih atas informasinya ya Mak, jadi tahu macam/jenis celana jeans skrg.

    1. Sama dengan saya... pikir ya celana jeans ya udah begitu aja. Ternyata banyak jenisnya, tergantung kita sukanya yang bagaimana, yang nyaman dipakai... dan itu jenisnya apa... kalau beli online jadi tahu, oh yang model begini nih maunya


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