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Selasa, 23 November 2021

#WISHLIST Staying At Internet Cafe

Japan is seems so out of my reach, but hey...dreaming to go and traveling even only 1 city, anyone can do that, right? 

So, there I was...on a very hot Sunday afternoon at coffee shop somewhere in Jakarta. I was with a friend of mine, who loves traveling. Really loves traveling, it is her truly passion. So, no wonder she mostly keep the experience in her heart and mind. Not busy making content for social media (that would be me, unfortunately), most of her traveling photos kept in her computer or handphone. 

And then after talking about life nowadays due to the pandemic, our topic finally arrive at her experience when solo traveling in Japan. Yes, not only she loves traveling but she prefer doing it by herself. I can understand that, because sometimes your experience is just for you. And not to mention all dramas that could happen if you go with other people. And we don't have time for a lot of drama, or being nuisance. Especially when you only have few leave days from the office, then you have to make everything right, or at least 80% of it. 

She urged me to try solo traveling to foreign country... and Japan is very recommended. Safe country for women who loves solo traveling like my friend. And from her many stories about food (yes, as always culinary experience is the first thing I ask), transportation, accommodation... she told me to try to stay at internet cafe. 

Not, that I really going to try that but if that can save a lot of money..., I probably will. So, I started to ask more questions about her experience staying at internet cafe. I mean, what was it like to spend the night at internet cafe? Not to mention this one is in another country, that you can't even speak the language at all.

So, did she booked the room first? It turn out, you can't booked the room, here at Gran Cyber ​​Café Bagus Shinjuku. My friend just went there and how did she manage to stay there considering she can't speak Japanese? She communicated with the staff on duty through translation apps. 

After seeing her photos, I finally understand why she's so excited about staying there by herself. Come to think of it, if I was there with her, I probably would never want to leave so soon. This internet cafe has everything to entertain people! But first, let's see the tiny room, maybe not comfortable enough but if you have camping experience or easy to fall asleep...then check this out.

As we can see, the room where you sleep after browsing the internet. You can charge your handphone or whatever. And there is also headset, so assuming, no noise at all that can disturb other people, who is probably sleeping beside your room. 

This one is the bathroom area, and yes to use this facility you should pay extra fee. And there is timer too, obviously. You can't be that person who loves to spend eternity in the bathroom and let other waiting for ages. 

Vending machine for all kind of drinks, and yes you don't need to pay more. All of these include the payment for your room. NICE... Though I was wondering, if I drink like crazy, how many times I will have to go to the restroom? Do I have to pay again and again for using the restroom?

Vending machine for food! Remember, is not for free dear people. There is extra charge before enjoying your meal. 

Not sure what is this... perhaps ice cream?

If you just want to skip all of that, then not to worry. They also provide mineral water for you.

There is also pool table here, if you want to play a game or two.

Books everywhere... unfortunately in Japanese... So, it turn out not only tourists come here to sleep and get some rest. But also local people too, when they decided that it's exhausting to go home after hard work in the office, then they will spend the night here. 

There are so many books here, perhaps is time to take a Japanese lesson? 

Why I posted here in my blog? Because I think this is an interesting information, and therefore I asked all the photos from my friends to be posted here. Hopefully this will also be a reminder for her trip. And for me, to be my wishlist if I ever visit Japan. 

What do you think? Will you stay here if you have the chance?

4 komentar:

  1. Geleng2 kepala kalo udah baca tempat2 di Jepang gini. Jujurnya mba, aku ga bakal stay di tempat begini, Krn pertama aku selalu bawa koper 😄. Ga pernah ransel. Jadi itu pasti repot banget geret2 koper ke tempat begini .

    Tapi ini bagus sih, dan pastinya cocok bgt utk traveler yg memang mau menekan budget. Aku suka liat deretan vending machine nya :D. Jepang surga kalo udh ttg vending machine 😄.

    Temenmu bener. Akupun kalo ngerekomendasiin tempat aman buat wanita traveling solo, pasti jawabanku Jepang. Aku yg buta arah gini , bisa survive 2 Minggu hanya dengan temenku yg sama2 buta peta juga. Tujuan kami bukan Tokyo pula, tapi kota2 yg bukan incaran turis . Krn itu tadi, Jepang transportasinya gampang bangettttt, dan komplit. Jadi memang orang yg buta arah sekalipun tetep bisa aman jalan di sana. :)

    1. aku juga gak tau sih, beneran berani gak nginep di sini. secara, paling susah tidur kalau bukan di rumah (yg begini kok mimpi traveling). Dan masalahnya, aku nginep semalem aja rempong bawaannya... hahahahaha... Jadi gak yakin juga bisa nginep di tempat ini.
      Tapi karena ceritanya seru, dan menurutku menarik untuk dimuat, makanya aku minta informasi dan foto2nya dari temenku. Aku juga mupeng melihat deretan vending machine-nya... ya ampun, apa aja adaaaaa
      Aku juga cerita soal dirimuh yang jalan2 ke tempat non touristy di Jepang, dan dia tertarik. Ntar kapan2 aku kenalin deh kalian berdua. Dia juga masih kepingin ke Jepang lagi, dan sepertinya ke tempat2 yg gak mainstream :)

    2. Waaaah semoga kapan2 bisa ketemu 😄. Jadi bisa tukar informasi ttg destinasi2 Jepang. Akupun maunya ke tempat yg ga biasa mba. Krn setelah ngerasain sendiri, tempat2 yg non turis ternyata memang jauuuuh LBH murah drpd yg mainstream. Wajar sih yaaa 😅.

      Dan Krn aku ga terlalu suka tempat yg terlalu crowded sih. Pusing. Makanya ke tempat yg bukan destinasi turis, LBH bikin rileks kalo buatku :D

    3. Aku setuju sih, soal tempat yang non touristy. Kan bukan berarti tempat itu gak menarik, apalagi keindahan alamnya ya :) Dan bener banget, dari dulu aku juga gak suka kalau sudha banyak orang di satu tempat... Mending gak usah pergi daripada gak nyaman. Apalagi sekarang masa pandemik


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