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Senin, 31 Mei 2021

#NEWNORMAL Dine in Around HOS Cokroaminoto Street


Though many coffee shops and restaurant mostly located at South Jakarta or North Jakarta, but Central Jakarta also has several coffee shops and restaurant for people to dine in. I made this list also for myself because sometimes, I was like blank whenever my friend asked me...which restaurant or which coffee shop to go around Central Jakarta? For now, I will make a list from HOS Cokroaminoto Street. But only from the restaurant and coffee shops that I have visited.

I need to remind you that due to the pandemic, please kindly make reservation before dine in. Or at the very least check out their operational hours. 

Inside Gandy Steak and Bakery

Gandy Steak & Bakery

Old restaurant, the one that my late father loves a lot. Though I have no idea why, perhaps because he loved the ambiance or else. They serves you mostly western food, and also pastry. If you have grandparents or parents who remembered this place, you might want to take them dine in here again. The spacious area located at second floor, and I don't think they have outdoor area available. 

Brown Bag

Located inside Central Menteng building, along with other shops and restaurant, though not much. I only have a cup of hot chocolate here and just having me time. You may choose this one, as not too crowded with visitors. They have outdoor and indoor area, and the indoor area is spacious. So not to worry about physical distancing. 

Yabai Izakaya - CLOSED

Just across the street you will find hidden Japanese restaurant, totally worth your time. Though they don't have spacious area, but IMHO instagramable. You can also enjoy your meal by sitting at the outdoor area. In short, if there were not too many people inside the restaurant, then you will be able to enjoy relaxing time there. 

Maple & Oak

Side by side with Yabai Izakaya, there is another cute restaurant to enjoy brunch with your friends and family. Unfortunately for me, when I visited this restaurant there were a lot of visitors (please note that I visited this restaurant before pandemic). Just like the Japanese restaurant, this restaurant doesn't have spacious area. But still a comfortable and cozy place that you may put this one to your consideration.


If you just want to sip a cup of coffee that you have familiar with, then walk a bit to Menteng Plaza. You will find Starbucks, and they are not too crowded during the weekend. This place usually full with people during weekdays. 

Liberica Coffee - CLOSED

Located in the same building, together with Starbucks, they have outdoor and indoor area. Though they only have few choices of meal, but you can consider this coffee shop for place to hang out with your friend. 

Again, due to the pandemic, it will be very wise to check out their social media about operation hours. Or just contact them, to ensure whether they are open or the other way around. 

All the above located not far from Menteng Park, usually full with people in the morning and on weekend. But due to the pandemic, most of the time Menteng Park closed for public. 

If you walk a bit far from here, then you will find another coffee shops and ice cream parlor.

Ombé Kofie

Located in an old house, previously cake shop. But now, not only coffee shop but also another such as Onbit toast dan Jubelof.

I was here with my friend on weekend to have a cup of coffee and snacks. When we requested the menu, waitress inform us that we have approximately 2 hours to dine in. Since this area a bit crowded during weekend, maybe you should try to come here on weekdays. Pay attention to their operational hours as well. 

Exquise Patisserie

Litte cake shop located at Rumah Tjokro, a bit hidden from the main street. They don't have spacious indoor area, so you probably have to sit outside while enjoying their cake and coffee. Since they don't have spacious area, then reservation is recommended. 

Hello Joey

Located also at the same area with Exquise Patisserie. When I visited here, they only received 6 people to dine in. Hopefully now they are able to receive more visitors. They serve not only ice cream but also cookies, a place hard to resist by sweet lovers such myself.

Well, I will add another if I visit other restaurant or coffee shop. Meanwhile, here is the map of HOS Cokroaminoto street.

2 komentar:

  1. Yg aku datangin baru Liberica , Ama Starbucks doang wkwkwkwk.

    Tapi aku memang jarang sih main ke arah sana. Dan jujurnya aku juga ga terlalu sering nongkrong di kafe. Kecuali sedang bareng temen2 aja :D , yg mana sebelum pandemi aku jrg jalan ma temen, apalagi pas pandemi :D.

    Tapi kalo aku diksh rekomendasi ttg kafe yg unik, dan ada makanan berat juga, aku pasti seneng dan coba mampir :D. Ntah kenapa kalo keluar makan itu, hrs nyari makanan berat hahahah

    1. aku gak selalu nyari makanan berat sih... Soalnya biasanya abis makan berat trus cari tempat nongkrong lagi buat sekedar minum sama makanan ringan. Maklum sekalian nyari konten, jadi kl udah keluar pasti cari lebih dari 1 tempat.
      Deket situ ada Yabai Izakaya dan Maple & Oaks loh, yg makanannya berat ^_^


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