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Selasa, 09 Maret 2021


Outdoor Subo Jakarta

What makes you decide that you need to visit that coffee shop or restaurant? Someone once asked me that question, and I just realized... I only need a place to hang out with friends and to take selfies and photos of my outfits. Sometimes, if I'm lucky then I will enjoy the company of my friends or myself with good meal and a cup of hot chocolate. And then one day, I stumbled on my friend's Instagram post about Subo Jakarta.

Homie Subo Jakarta

From various photos that I have seen, it seems this place have small areas and not a lot spots for taking photos. But my curiosity arise when I find no information about their location other than somewhere in South Jakarta. It turn out, I have to follow several procedures before visit and dine in at Subo. 

First of all, I try to contact them through direct message on Instagram, and continue our conversation via Whatsapp. These are the following information that I can give you :

Vinyl records on display


No reservation, then you won't be allowed to enter the premises. Even if you find out their address from your friends, you still won't be allowed to come. 
I need to remind you that their space is not that big to have people come and go as their please. Their capacity only for 8 - 10 people. So, make sure you make reservation, stated the date you wish to visit. Also, you only have more or less about two hours to dine in there. You will be given 3 choices, at 1 - 3 PM or 4 - 6 PM or last slot at 7 - 9 PM. 

If you wish to have private session, then contact them for further detail. 

Pastries at Subo

Down payment
About a week before the date, you should contact them to settle down payment. One person will be charged at IDR 150.000,- and after that you will be given their location. 

There is no need to share the location to other people, because without reservation and completion of down payment, they won't be allowed to dine in. 

So, when we finally complete the down payment, me and my friends went there about 1 hour early. Of course, we want the chance to have empty place for ourselves. To take photos of the place without disturb other guests and of course to take selfies like crazy. UNFORTUNATELY, they are not ready to welcome guests... (Well, we are too excited) so we went to other coffee shop for a while. Around 1 PM we finally went back to SUBO and this time, we allowed to enter. 

Once we were inside the staff on duty explain about do and don'ts while we are there:

You may browse their collection, find something that you like to hear while dine in with your friends or alone. They have various collection, but I set my eye on Dinah Washington jazzy tunes... I asked the staff on duty to play it for me. 
I have to admit, I have never really seen vinyl record and gramophone for real. So, this is another reason I'm really curious to come here. 

You may select the vinyl records but please by all means, avoid try to play it by yourself. Ask the staff to assist you, I mean yes this place is sort of homie but still not your own house. You are a guest here, so follow their protocol. 

Ask them about the menu, that include beverages, pastry and main course. Every time you order, they will add on your bill. So, if you come alone and spent about IDR 250.000,- while dining there, then you will only have to pay IDR 100.000,- (remember the down payment?). 

They don't receive payment in cash, only transfer. And since now is the age of internet banking, this term will not be a problem, yes?

If you arrive first, then you will be able to chose where do you like to seat. There are one large table and medium one. The rest may sit on the big sofa or near the bar, watching bartender making your drinks. Or else, you could also sit outside but considering the weather is so unpredictable lately, most of us prefer to sit inside. 

Now let's talk about what my friend and I have when we visit there:

Wine and pastry at Subo

Beverages & pastry
They serves coffee, non coffee and alcohol, so we decided to order wine and also ice latte with honey. But I missed to take photo on the last one :)

Roasted Wagyu Subo Jakarta - only available in limited quantity

Roasted Wagyu and french fries (or rice, just inform them which one)
THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL :) Unfortunately they only able to serve for 2 portions. Lucky for me my friend share her meal to me. We have the steak cooked medium, and the taste is so good. A bit surprising as usually we have between well done or medium well. 

This is actually sweet noodle with a lot of ketchup, usually. But my friend ask not to make it too sweet. They said is good, but I didn't try this one.

Rice with Ox tongue and sambal matah.
If you have no idea what is sambal matah, try browsing a bit about it. In short, my expectation this one is spicy. But it turn out, not spicy at all, so I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. If you like to eat big portion, well as you can see the rice portion is big enough :) 

Did I enjoy my visit? Yes, I did and seems two hours not enough. Perhaps I will make another visit my other friends, especially I heard they will expand the place with rooftop spot. Another spot for taking photos like crazy, enjoying conversation with friends or just sit there silently listening to the music. Subo after all is also listening bar not just another restaurant or coffee shop. 

Curious about them?
Check out their social media here:

And if you want to learn more about sustainable fashion and find the below items unique and interesting, then don't hesitate to contact them for more details. 

8 komentar:

  1. Gilaaaaa kereeeen siiih tempatnyaaa. Aku sukaaa tempat2 yg butuh effort utk masuk hahahaha.. beberapa kali aku bela2in utk nyobain tempat yg memang wajib reservasi gini

    Kereeeen konsepnya! Aku follow dulu IG nya mba. Ntr mau bujukin suami kesana ah :D

    1. iyaaaa, aku sampai browsing lagi mengenai pemiliknya, dan mencari tahu mengenai tempat ini. Seandainya yah, kepikiran punya rumah dijadikan restoran ginih ^_^ Ohya, makanannya gak selalu sama ya. Makanya ingin tahu juga kalau datang hari lain dapat menunya apa

  2. Jujur aja seumur2 aku baru tau ada cafe yg seperti ini, kapasitas cuma 8-10 orang, harus reservasi & bayar DP pula, biasanya kondisi ini untuk peak seasons seperti pas musim buka puasa gitu.

    Tapi kalau butuh effort untuk masuk gini pasti kita jadi excited banget pengen buru2 datang ya kak.

    Tempatnya gokil, keren parah

    1. Iya, makanya jd penasaran dan ingin menikmati suasana di sana brg temen. Seru aja krn lokasinya gak diumbar di medsos. Dan tempatnya ok kok walau tdk luas.

    2. Iya bener kak, mereka sengaja ga umbar lokasi & untuk masukpun butuh effort biar pada penasaran

    3. bagusnya juga utk membatasi jumlah pengunjung. Ribet kan lagi pandemik gini ada banyak orang ngumpul dalam satu ruangan

  3. mie ayam yaminnya kok lucu ya mba rie...mienya langsying langsying kupikir tadi pasta aglio lio hihi

    dan kuterbayang wagyu plus kentang bergelombang itu loh...ya Alloh ini tempat kayaknya betah buat nongki agak lama nih
    kelihatan klasik pulak :)

    1. dua jaaaaam sajaaaah, kecuali kita mau bayar double buat nongkrong lebih dr 2 jam kali ya. kayak yg private session gituh...


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