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Senin, 15 Februari 2021

Public Transportation #NEWNORMAL Health Protocol

Due to the pandemic, I am not allowed to use public transportation by my bosses. So, sometimes I went to the office with my colleague. Most of the times, round trip using motorbike to and from the office with office boy.  It went on like that for a couple of months, until riot from demonstration against Omnibus law occurred. I have to consider, whether the office boy would be able to arrive home safely after taking me home, through demonstrator. So, I told him to drop me at the nearest commuter line station. 

At the beginning, I felt like hillbillies standing in front of Sawah Besar train station. It’s been months since the last time I used commuter line. I wasn’t sure having enough balance in my prepaid card to use the commuter line. Not to mention I wasn’t familiar with the train station to begin with. I have to find red box to check the balance and then I have to ask which line the train station to certain location. And it only has 2 lines but I feel like an idiot. 

To use public transportation nowadays, we have to pay attention to health protocol applied. Strictly applied at commuter line, train station, MRT & LRT though not so much at busway stations. And even less on other public transportation like mikrolet. 

Things that you have to pay attention are:

Body temperature checked and hand sanitizer.

Before entering the premises, your body temperature will be checked. Not to worry, at train station the checking procedure are being done automatically. On busway, the staff on duty will checked manually or sometimes not. Hand sanitizer are always provided but better to bring your own. 


This is not negotiable unless you are ready to be rejected entering the premises by staff on duty and security. Wear mask all the time while using the public transportation, please. 


There are certain distances on seating and standing area for passengers. People usually follow the seating protocol, not so much when you are standing side by side during rush hour. 


There are several methods for cashless payment for public transportation:

Prepaid card

This is the easiest and common payment method for using public transportation. Even you can use them to pay for toll as well. 

Also the common problem, people sometimes forget to check their balance. You have to make sure to have enough balance if you want to use commuter line, MRT & LRT. For busway, as long as you have balance to cover one trip then you are safe. 

If your prepaid card is still new and you wish to travel with commuter line, make sure to find a red box at the train station, tap your card to activate it. You can also check your balance while activate your prepaid card.


This apps at first only to top up balance for prepaid sim card, but recently you can use it as cashless payment for commuter line and MRT. 

For commuter line, if you are unsure then ask staff on duty where you should tap the bar code provided by the apps. Also make sure you have minimum balance for the trip our round trip. 

While for MRT, you have to make sure your destination. Like for example, you start the trip from Bunderan HI Station and wish to go to ASEAN Station. Choose the departure station and destination station on LINK AJA apps. So, make sure your destination station as you can’t just exiting in any station after buying the ticket.


Passengers on commuter line advised not to talk to each other or with someone else through handphone let alone video call. Naturally, people sometimes break the rule, especially when nobody around to remind them. 


When traveling with commuter line, passengers advised to wear long sleeves, long pants, in short wear anything to cover most of your body. The regulation made because they just want to ensure your safety. 

Doesn’t mean they can’t tolerate your outfit if there is something not so great happen to you. Once I entered the commuter line soaking wet due to heavy rain. So, after taking a seat, I took off my raincoat and sit there while wearing shirt with short sleeves. So, it depends on the situation.

If you are not sure about what’s not and what’s okay on public transportation nowadays, better check out their websites to read new normal regulations. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

7 komentar:

  1. aturannya semakin ketat ya mba ri..termasuk outfitnya...semuanya panjang biar meminimalisir si virus nemplok ke badankah? makasih uda disarikan lengkap begini mna ri..walau aku blom oernah sekalipun naik mrt lrt
    ..ntar nunggu uda redaan oengen nyoba..uda lama ga sowan jekardaaa

    1. aku juga jarang kok naik LRT... soalnya gak ada keperluan :))) Banyakan sekarang diantar jemput OB, jd kyk orang bego kl balik naik kendaraan umum :)
      Kl di KRL, dihimbau memang pakai baju yg serba tertutup. Aku rasa sih ya mungkin utk menghindari kuman nemplok lgsg di badan. Kan kl bisa kita gak usah pegang2 apapun (kl bisaaaa). Semoga berguna ya rangkuman ini.

  2. Ya Allah aku udh hampir setahun ga naik public transport :D. Sejak pandemi pokoknya. Apalagi skr ga kerja gini, makin laah ga pernah naik mba. Ntah sampe kapan :D.

    Awal2 pandemi aku lgs di anter jemput Ama suami. Soalnya serem aja bayangin di transj bakal serame apa. Aku ga yakin walopun disuruh jaga jarak, tapi penumpangnya beneran bisa jaga jarak :(. Makanya waktu itu mutusin utk Anyer jemput suami aja. Eh lama2 milih resign ajalah hahahaha

    1. kl di busway memang susah diprediksi, tp selalu rameeeee mau naik jam berapa aja kecuali akhir pekan kyknya. Kalau KRL, masih bisa kebaca jam2 sibuk. Untungnya kantor pulang cepat, jadi terhindar jam2 ramai. Iyalah, kl mau buru2 pulang, mana inget lagi jaga jarak. Apalagi orang mikirnya, ah, udah pake masker, bawa hand sanitizer, udah ah bodo...

  3. Due to the social restriction, it's been a while since I last traveled on a commuter line train. But I heard that now the trains are all packed, and it is difficult to keep distance. But even during social restriction I use Transjakarta to go to office and I always find a way to keep distance (that is, by leaving earlier or later than normal office hour). I really hope that we can get through all of this and back to the REAL normal life.

    1. Then I was lucky enough to always find space in order to maintain physical distancing on the commuter line. Funny thing, I always find busway more crowded than commuter line, that's why I try to avoid using busway.
      Yeah, real normal life probably won't be coming back very soon. But at the least with the vaccination process, there's a little hope for that.

  4. Sejak pandemi ini aku belum naik public transportation kak, eh udah ding, gojek sama gocar aja paling.
    Aku parno bgt kak kalau naik TJ, KRL, LRT ataupun MRT gitu, takut berdesakan hahahha Tapi emang selama ini ga pernah kemana2 juga sih, di rumah aja.
    Salam sehat ya kak


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