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Senin, 20 Januari 2020

Food Blogging, The Price That We Pay For Your Convenience

Flatlay photo

“Here, I know you want to take a photo of my meal.” A friend of mine gave me her cake, so I could get a better angle. I remembered her tone was slightly amused by my weird behavior.
Then another friend of ours join the conversation said,”Oh, I thought I was the only one who get irritated.”

That was probably 10 years ago, when digital camera just hit the market. But, my friends really get irritated with me. Who on earth at that time, took photos before eating? Like hillbilly, taking photo almost about everything … I mean, seriously… When you ordered your meal, basically all you have to do is to eat it right away.

Then again, how did you know about that fancy restaurant? How do you know what to order? For example, if you look hard on the menu and stated – as quoted from Wikipedia :
Indonesian salad of slightly boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables and hard-boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu and tempeh, and rice wrapped in a banana leaf, served with a peanut sauce dressing.

Only the above information available, no photo whatsoever… Do you really have that high imagination to know exactly what kind of meal is that? No? Sorry, yes or no…? I can’t hear you…
So, let me explain to you ladies and gentlemen…  about us the Food Blogger, in case you are clueless about us.

Roasted chicken at Buffalo

I started my blog around 2003 and still has no idea what to do with it other than pouring my (broken) heart, my rambling, my rant, in short… nothing really important. Until someday I found blog writing only about food and restaurants, you may check out her blog here. I was so happy when I read her blog, because?
- Detailed information like the location of the restaurant and what kind of food they serves
- Appearance of the meal  
- Prices of the meal

That was the basic information we need, long before there were food apps like Zomato, Pergi Kuliner, Traveloka Eats, Google Local Guides…

As times goes by, we need more than just information about the meal. When we look on the menu, the photo looks great… BUT, is it really as good as the picture? Is it worth the price? We need opinion from people who really dine there…and willing to take the time and effort to share the information. Food apps and foodies or food blogger are here to help and share many information like how comfort the hang out place is, have spacious parking lot, clean rest room, and so on.

Let’s say there is a new Chinese food restaurant open in town. They decided that one of the things to do to promote their existence is us, the foodie or food blogger and influencers. 

And how do we do the promotion? By talking? By blogging? Yes, and for that what do we need?

Donuts at Haritts Indonesia

And since we don’t have our own team like photographer, makeup artist, copywriter and so on, we the not so famous foodie has to do all of the promotion by our own. Starting with:

Do you know what things we have to endure to give you that kind of information about new hype hang out cafĂ© or new coffee shop in town? 
Often we have to eat cold meal or melted ice cream, just for the sake of taking good photo. Or that hot chocolate has become cold and therefore no longer exciting. 

Oh yes, I’m one of those who eat the meal even they are no longer hot, crispy, cheezy, melted or whatever their previous condition. Simply because I love to eat and I love to take photos of my meal, knowing the risk that I have to face. 

After taking photos, so all we need to do is uploading them to social media, right?

Before taking photos, we need to learn how to take photos from many angles. There is no such thing as the right angle. Each person has their own preference, but one thing for sure, for other people to be able to enjoy the photo. 
Lucky for me, I have many young social media enthusiast foodie friends who taught me a lot of new techniques. 

After that, we need to edit the photo from just so so is another food photo to become wow I want to eat that food kind of photo. 
I have to spent countless hours and if my eyes can scream probably they will yelled: STOP IT!!!

Now we can upload them to Instagram or wherever whatever social media account that we have. Yes? 

We have to make the whole feed looks inviting, informative, awesome, for others to check our profile and the food or beverages. 

If you can’t appreciate the things we do at the very least keep your ignorance to yourself. I do it because I like it, and I want to share the information. And yeah sure, for my social media’s content because several of them were really for promotion. And you know what? There are many food vendors sending their thanks because we took the time to promote (without getting paid or whatsoever) them.

Amazing, isn't it? Things that looks ridiculous for some ignorance people, but means a lot for others.

3 komentar:

  1. Nah, ini bener banget yes, tanpa para food enthusiast yang emang demen foto dan memamerkannya di lini masa mereka plus mau aja posting2 utk nambah konten situs2 khusus makanan, sebenernya dunia kuliner mungkin ga akan semenggairahkan sekarang ini.

    1. Betul, apalagi dulu masih dikit yg mau repot2 nulis review, boro2 upload foto... butuh waktu dan kuota data my prens... Kl gak paham atau mikir hal ini buang2 waktu ya mending diem ajalah drpd komen bikin kezel

  2. Selalu suka saat food blogger atau di platform IG bahkan Twitter, mereka bisa menyajikan foto makanan/minuman dengan aesthetic dan bikin ngiler :D


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