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Kamis, 09 Mei 2019

Can Feeding Your Dog A Healthy Diet Increase The Longevity Of Their Life?

Our canine buddies are part of our family. Thus, we cannot help but worry when they get sick, 
and we cannot explain the grief when they suddenly pass. The average lifespan of a canine 
ranges from 10-15 years. However, life expectancy varies by breed of dog. While it is already 
difficult to determine the lifespan of a purebred, the crossbreed is even more difficult. 

A website,, which is dedicated for all things dog, features a cross 
between a golden retriever and a German shepherd. Wouldn’t it be a heartbreak to say goodbye 
to such a majestic creature? So just like our human loved ones, we aim to lengthen the lives of 
our dogs. We try to feed them healthy food, we play with them as a form of exercise, and we fly 
to the veterinarian at the first sign of illness. 

A recent study published concluded that a high meat diet is better for our canine buddies better 
than leftover food or canned diet we treat our dogs with. Basically, the study confirms that the 
best diet we can give our dogs is a carnivorous or raw meat-based diet. Move past the cute 
doggie commercials that convince us that their processed products are the best goodies for our 

But does a healthy diet increase the life expectancy of our furry friends? Yes, it does. A study 
supporting this confirmation has been published. With 552 dogs included in the study and 
observed for over a 5-yr period, the study showed an astonishing difference between dogs fed 
with healthy food and dogs fed with processed meals. 

The former living approximately 3 years longer than those dogs enjoying canned goods during 
meals. Including raw bones in their meals prevent the development of dental infections, which 
when becomes chronic also leads to a shorter life span. So don’t be lazy and don’t feed your 
dogs with those not-so goodies in a can. Imagine having an additional 3 years of cuddling, 
playing and exercising with your beloved doggie best friend. However, keeping them healthy 
does not mean fat. Dogs live longer when they are thin, so it is essential not to give them fatty 
and oily food. 

Apart from a healthy diet, there are still several ways to help lengthen the life of your precious 
ones. Daily exercise like humans, keep the dogs healthy. Let them run around daily even for just 
15 minutes. You can also exercise with them, by hiking, running around in the park or even 
taking a morning run to the beach. Also, don’t forget to groom your pets should be on a daily 
basis. This will prevent bacteria and fleas from infecting your precious one. 

There are also vaccines available in the market to prevent them from getting viruses. However, 
you must remember not to overdo this and over vaccinate your pet. Remember, too much of 
everything is bad. So consult with your vet. They would also want what’s best for your dog.

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