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Rabu, 13 Desember 2017

Finland & Indonesia - Together in Music Centennial Concert

It has been ages ever since I won anything like free ticket, voucher or something like that. Then I got this free ticket to see the concert through my other Instagram account. Yassss!

The funny thing was, my friend (she got her free seat by registering to the event right after I told her about this concert) and I were confuse about the outfit. I meant, this is a classical music concert so do we have to dress formal or just like going to any other concert? Just casual? But in the end we decided to wear casual outfit as there is no mention about what kind of dress code on the invitation.

And it turn out, audience wearing all kind of outfit, ranging from formal to casual but still acceptable. Nobody crazy enough to wear just shirt and short pants with sandals. Most people even wore ethnic dress for this event.

After an opening speeceh from Finland Embassy, Ananda Sukarlan goes on stage and at first I thought he is a super serious kind of person. Well, yeah, I am making a nonsense assumption that those who studied and expert in classical music are serious person. It turn out, after one perfomance, Ananda Sukarlan loosen up a bit and making jokes with the audience.

He told the audience that if we watch classical music concert in Europe all gadgets must be turned off. While here, all gadgets will be turn on so everybody able to broadcast whatever they see, hear, eat and so on. But he then said, well this is in Indonesia so go ahead to tweet, broadcast on social medias.

Hahahahaha.... he even made an effort to arrange chair for other musician so audience would get a better look at him so it would be INSTAGRAMABLE. When I twit about this, he even twit back while retweet from mine. AWESOME.

For information, I copy paste the announcement from the event:

Thank you to Finland Embassy for giving me the ticket to see the concert. So enjoyable and hopefully the relationship between Indonesia and Finland will continue for many years to come.

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  1. this is so cool! i really wish i could see Ananda Sukarlan perform in person <3 you're so lucky!

  2. aku ngefans banget sama ananda huhuhu iri banget nih mba sama kamu


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