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Selasa, 13 September 2016

Happy Birthday @Jktgoodguide

Owner of this photo: Ria Tumimomor - taken at Bogor Train Station

Happy birthday to Jakarta Good Guide for 2nd years anniversary. And being Good Guide For Jakarta Walking Tour, they have their own way to celebrate. That is to guide us tourists to walk from Bogor train station to Bogor Botanical Garden. And at the end of the walking tour, all of us would have a picnic there at Bogor Botanical Garden. Since this is still a-pay-as-you-wish-tour, participants of this celebration encouraged to bring our own meal for picnic. It will be better if we bring more to be shared to others. 

I was informed that there are two meeting points. One at Kota train station, and I have to be there around 07.00 A.M but if I go to the other meeting point at Bogor train station, the meeting time scheduled at 08.30 A.M. I chose to go to Bogor directly because I wouldn’t make it to Bogor on time if I have to be at Kota station first. 

Admission fee to enter Bogor Botanical Garden is IDR 15,000.00 per person for local tourist. And for foreigner, the admission fee is IDR 25,000.00 per person. They also remind us to bring umbrella because Bogor known as city of rain. Even we pray so the rain won’t be pouring down on us but we will never gonna know so umbrella is a must bring item. If you wish to try to be on the spot model, then by all means bring all those hat, sunglasses, jacket and whatsoever. Plus, bring plastic also a must so we won’t leave any junks behind. 

So, early in the morning on 10th of September I went to Manggarai train station to catch train to Bogor. I got the train almost 07.00 A.M and finally arrive at Bogor train station around 08.00 A.M. It was another long weekend because Idul Adha celebration on 12th of September so the station a bit crowded. I hurriedly find the meeting point near Dunkin Donuts but then decided to charge my handphone first. Yeah, we would be walking at the least until 12.00 P.M so I have to ensure my gadget is fully energized. 

First group with Ms. Rita

Then almost 09.00 A.M, all the participants are gathered around near Dunkin Donuts at Bogor train station. We were divided into several groups, and my group’s tour guide is Ms.Rita. She asked us (14 people including me) to gather around and she explain the route. We will be passing Taman Topi, Catholic Church – the church of Virgin Mary, then old building now become city hall of Bogor. After that we will see Hotel Salak, deer watching, Protestant church Zebaoth and finally Presidential palace (take a peek from a far inside Botanical Garden) and have a picnic together at Botanical Garden. Rita said that there will be prizes for those who update the picnic to twitter and instagram with using hashtag : #jktgoodguide and #jakartawalkingtour .

Rita explaining about history of Bogor train station

Courtesy of JGG 

Each places has their own story, so I will tell you about them all later. I promise. I can tell you that joining competition of live tweets and posts foto on Instagram during any event is exhausting. And for me, since I probably have limitation in absorbing information I also find this activity is reducing the joy of joining tour. If you noticed, tour guide sometimes tell us stories that you can’t find in any book or even the internet. This is because they gathered information from different sources not just books, but also historian and even people who live during that time. And I find this kind of information is interesting. But I can’t really listen because I also need to take photos and then posted on social media. I probably only listen and catch up with a very tiny miny information. Well, getting  freebies is never easy… 

The old graveyard inside Bogor Botanical Garden

When we arrived at Bogor Botanical Garden heavy cloud is upon us. Then when we were about to see the giant flower (unfortunately still not blossoming) Rafflesia arnoldii…the rain pouring down on us like crazy. I hurriedly, hide my camera and trying hard to find my umbrella. Hidden somewhere at the bottom of my backpack. So, there I was. Trying to keep up the pace with our tour guide while  keep on updating under the umbrella, hide from the splashing rain. Lucky after about 10 minutes, the rain decided to stop. We passed this small path under so many bamboo trees. It was a bit eerie, until I saw this old graveyard. Again, I will tell you about this on separate post. Was it haunted? I have no idea because I have been to Botanical Garden a few times but have no idea there is this old graveyard. Probably is, because our tour guide said we wouldn’t be taking photos here. Usually, we took photos together on every stops for remembrance. But not in here, so you better take a wild guess.

The nasi tumpeng

In the end of the walking tour, we all gathered around in front of Presidential Palace and have our picnic. Mind you, the presidential palace and our spot separated by this lake. So, nooo we were not any near the palace, though I sort of wish our president was there… then inviting us to enter the palace. Kidding, my imagination running wild. Okay, moving on…

Candha Adwitiyo, one of the tour guides open the birthday celebration by sharing with us that their actual birthday is on 14th of September.  The founder Farid Mardhiyanto is in Colombia right now, receiving scholarship to learn Spanish. And they also announced that today 10th of September, they are launching Jogja Good Guide. The tour guide are from Jogja so not Jakartan people. Because only local can tell stories about their own city, don’t you think so? They have nasi tumpeng for the ceremony and shared with us… Only small portion, because there are so many of us.

me with Rita 

And, before the event ends, they announce the winner from tweeting and posting photos. And I received free cool t-shirt as the winner for posting photos to Instagram. I love the t-shirt! Thank you Jakarta Good Guide _ The other winner is …., also the same group with me so our tour guide Rita was totally happy ^_^

Courtesy of JGG

Happy birthday Jakarta Good Guide. ? I hope your wish is comes true, to have more Walking Tour that cover many cities in Indonesia. Amen to that ^_^

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  1. Aiih, serunya jalan-jalan bareng gitu

  2. kehebohannya berasa banget Mbaaaaa

  3. It was 9 years ago when entrance ticket of Bogor Botanical Garden still 4.500 rupiah. long time ago. I missed the moments when once in a month i visited that place. :(

  4. Seruuu banget ih. Apalagi konsep piknik di KBB jadi acaranya berasa kekeluargaan sekali.

  5. Happy birthday Jakarta Good Guide, hope your wish comes true... :)

  6. Saya belum berhasil nih ikutan Jakarta Good Guide. Insya Allah awal Oktober nanti sudah bikin agenda ikutan tournya. Moga gak ada halangan. Makin keren yaa Jakarta Good Guide.

  7. Saya paling suka acara jalan-jalan bareng gini. Apalagi saya suusah foto sendiri. Harus berame-rame foto baru asyik. Happy 2nd anniversarry Jakarta Good Guide!!!

  8. Aamiin...
    Seru banget lihat kehebohannya mba

  9. Wow! Happy 2nd Anniv Jakarta Good Guide!

  10. Waah, happy 2nd anniversary yaa.. aku br kenal malahan sm Jakarta Good Guide, aduh aku kudet

  11. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Jakarta Good Guide. Sukses selalu ya!

  12. Jadi jktgood guode ini ga hanya destinasi kliling jkt ya mb ri
    Menarik bangettt


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