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Rabu, 27 Juli 2016

Local Tour With @jktgoodguide

Although I was born and live in Jakarta all my life, there are a lot of historical buildings that I have no idea about. Or I do aware but too lazy to try to get there by myself. And then, my friend informed about this walking tour around several areas in Jakarta. The tour is not pricey, is a pay-as-your-wish-tour so there you go. However, be generous as your budget allows you. Since we have to pay attention to the location and schedule, we decided to join exploring Jakarta Old Town area. Since weather in Jakarta recently very unpredictable we were advised to bring hat and umbrella. 

So on Sunday morning 24 July 2016, we went to the meeting point that located in front of Starbucks Station Kota. A perfect meeting point because located at Jakarta Kota Railway Station - the main core of Kota Tua (Old City) area. And surprise, there are crew from METRO TV, making me and my friend like... hysterical. What? We will be on tv? Darn! I shoud put more make up! And so on... we were like girls having bad hair day... But the show must goes on. And if you want to see a few seconds of us here is the video.

The video here

So, we all started to introduce of ourself and since more foreigners than local, the tour guide explained to us in English. Our guide today Candha Adwitiyo then explaining a bit about the train station. This old station also known as  Beos (Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschapij or the Batavian Eastern Railway Company). But here, we usually said to the taxi driver or ojek: take me to Kota Station please. Then we all went outside and he explained more about the old buildings, most of them with Chinese architecture. One of the old building already renovated.

Then we went underground, the only underground existed so we can cross the street from Stasiun Kota to Museum Bank Mandiri then we walk a bit to bank Museum Bank Indonesia. Candha then share stories about these museums and about busways or TransJakarta. Some of the facts, you can google to find them but some are not. That's the thing if you take a trip with tourist guide. You will receive information that not available elsewhere. 

I should inform you that we didn't enter any of those museums, otherwise I think we would take longer time. After that we also visited Fatahillah Square, Candha gave us clues which old buildings there built by the Dutch goverments. And also we talk a bit about the famous Si Jagur Canon, the one with obsecne gesture hand but it turn out there are more to that. I give you clue then please google yourself: Mano Fico. I found several explanation on the net and understand why the finger gestured like that. 
We also went to see the canal, dirty and the smell starting to fill our nose. He told us a bit about The Red Store or in Indonesia: TOKO MERAH but unfortunatelly we didn't pass the building. I heard this building is not open to public, you have to ask permission officially if you wish to enter. 

Then we also went to this Diamont City Bridge or Jembatan Kota Intan... Before that we passed this De Rivier Hotel and I have no idea that there is a hotel here! Nice location, not far from Fatahillan Square and by taxi perhaps tourist able to visit shopping centre Mangga Dua as well. 

Info in Indonesian language can be read here

Then the walking tour took us to visit VOC Galangan Restaurant and VOC Grand Cafe. If you are thinking that VOC here is short from Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie then you are wrong. It's short from: VERY OLD CAFE. Ha! Got you! Galangan means shipyard, so this building was belongs to VOC in the past. We are able to enter the part of the building for cafe, and there is this Joglo; Javanese traditional house. Candha said, the older the building then the price is going up as well. 

After that we passed this Menara Syahbandar or Leaning Tower. We noticed that the tower is a bit leaning though not like Pisa Tower obviously. And finally we end our journey at Sunda Kelapa Port, made me a bit mellow as it remind me of my late father. He used to work as a sailor and he would love seeing this traditional ships. Who knows, perhaps he once here in his younger days... We paid Rp 2.500,- to enter the port and finally around 11.30 the walking tour is over. 

If you are curious about them then here are the information:

Hopefully I will be able to join their foodie tour next time. 

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  1. Waaaaw keren mb ri, btw pas di metronya uda tayang apa siaran ulang nonlive?
    Aku penasaran sama si toko merah, knapa ga terbuka bust public

    1. Kl dibuka untuk umum bisa jadi bikin cepet tambah rusak kali ya *analisa ngawur*
      etapi gedung ini digunakan untuk acara2 juga kok. tapi harus diurus ijinnya. Lengkapnya di

  2. keren ya jaaln-jalannya , banyak wawasan yang didapat


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