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Rabu, 03 Februari 2016

Kawah Putih - Trip story part one

Lunch time before continue to Kawah Putih

Last week me and my friends went to Kawah Putih and Ciwidey’s areas – West Java. We bought travel’s voucher from the sites travelicious and they informed us that the one day trip will be on 30th of January 2016. The itinerary is to go to Kawah Putih (White Crater) , then Patengan Lake or Patenggang Lake. The end of the trip is to go to strawberry plantation. My friends warned me though, that there are many strawberry plantations around Ciwidey. So, I have no idea which one that I will have the chance to visit. The voucher cover for entrance ti.cket to Kawah Putih. But doesn't cover entrance ticket to Patengan Lake and we have to prepare IDR 10.000,- for the tips.

As it was being told to us, we all will be going with crews from Tukang Jalan Dot Com. We have to gather near Plaza Semanggi at 5.30 AM. Imagine that, I have to get up around 4 AM. Then at 5.00 AM I went there and ….dang…  Nobody around from Tukang Jalan Dot com. Then my friends arrived and we started to ask around those people down there. There are many other groups also gathered there. Then finally we found out which one, he directed to us which car, then we met with our sort of tour guide. But, we didn’t start the journey as planned as we are waiting for the other participants. Until almost 7 A.M, finally we started the journey. Crap… I totally hate it when I have to wait for other people. Don’t they have the courtesy to inform the crew that they are unable to join us?

Anyway, I forgot about how long a trip to West Java. We spent almost 3 hours (because we need to stop at resting area for more than 30 minutes) before finally arrived in Bandung. And traffic jam ahead of us all the way from Bandung to Ciwidey. We arrived around 11.30 AM and the tour guide told us where the meeting point will be around 12.30. We were given the chance to have our lunch or perhaps buying something for family and friends back home. After that we continue our journey to Kawah Putih. What? We are still not there yet? Nope. 

We chose this one to have lunch... Noodle with meatball and we have sausage as well

After a few minutes, we finally arrive at Kawah Putih and I was like... woww... Not as grand as I imagine but yes is beautiful. Before you enjoyed the scenery and took photos or selfie like crazy you need to pay attention for these:

1. Normal visit not more than 15 minutes .
Naturally, you all know people mostly going to break this rule. How can you get a good picture for only about 15 minutes? That's crazy. Yeah, if you can stand the strong smell from the sulfur than you may took photos more than 15 minutes. Warning from authorities will be heard once a while to remind the visitor to wear masker or not spending too much time down there.
If you feel nausea or dizzy, better leave the area sooner. If you are not feeling well, then you may contact the unit car at the information centre.

2. Don't litter
There are many garbage can in several spot so there will be no reason for you to dispose garbage anywhere. And don't even think to throw those garbages into the crater. This included a warning to not bring any food or drinks. Plus, no smoking here!

3. Watch out for your children
Though there is a safety line, often we decided to ignore it for the sake of good photo. But children need to be reminded that this is not a swimming pool so don't even think to try to go for a jump into the crater.

4. No vandalism allowed
You love the beautiful scenery, right? It won't be beautiful anymore if you decided to write your name and your current lover with cheesy word like S and R - forever in love. You might think is awesome....for now. We; other visitors certainly don't think so... And I'm not even sure you still think is awesome if someday you come here again with another lover or spouse.

Since the stair to go down to get a better view of Kawah Putih is a long way down, elderlies or people with disability but wish to see the beautiful scenery, not to worry. There is a higher spot prepared for you. Just take a bit of stairs to go up. And you may relax and enjoy the view from above.

Then after more than 15 minutes, my friend who once visited this place took us to another route. The route took 10 minutes from the meeting point with the rest of the group. But totally exhausting for me as I hate climbing. Hiking is not my hobby. But the view is awesome and we have no regrets of coming here.

We saw tea plantation there and since that place is not a tourist spot so the surround is so quiet....

I suppose to see beautiful places, sometimes you have to do the thing that you hate the most.

We spend almost one hour here at Kawah Putih. Around 2.45 PM we continue our journey to Lake Patengan and I will continue the story on my next post

8 komentar:

  1. Indah sekali pemandangannya. Akhir bulan kemarin ingin ke sana tapi teeryata aksesnya agak jauh dari Tangkuban Perahu. POto dan bahasa Inggrisnya kece. Salam kenal, mba :)

    1. makasih ya sudah mampir ^_^ Semoga bisa segera ke sana dalam waktu dekat ^_^ Usahakan hindari akhir pekan karena rame pake banget

  2. fotonya cantik-cantik Mbak,kapan yah saya bisa ke tempat keren ini?? :)

  3. Cuma bisa ngelap liur. Semoga suatu saat bisa ke tempat ini. Luar biasa bangetlah

  4. Keren mba, salam kenal ya! Terus nulis juga! Mampir balik ya:))


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