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Jumat, 29 Januari 2016

Book A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

It has been a while since I read book that really makes my imagination running wild. Not that other books not good. But probably because most that I read is about murder and supernatural world. So, it’s kinda making me depressed. But I read them anyway. 

The title of the book is : A Darker Shade of Magic. Is about Kell, traveller to the parallel world , in this book there are four London. Yeah people! Four London. There is Red London where Kell live with his “foster” parents; the royal family of Red London. He is very close with the prince of Red London :Rhy and willing to give his life for his safety.  There was Black London, but it seems the city dead already. Another one is totally dangerous White London with its ruthless people. The dangerous and vicious twin: Athos and Astrid. They never hesitate to kill everyone that stands in their way. The last one is Grey London, the London that we knew where people speak English.

Kell is an Antari - those who born with magic in their blood. There are only two Antari, Kell and Holland. Antari are the only people who can travel in the parallel world. If Kell treated (or at least he felt that way) like something valuable and interesting, Holland was being controlled by King Athos and and Queen Astrid. During his travelling, Kell like to collect objects and he finally got something dangerous that will endangered so many people. He decided to send the dangerous object back to Black London but is not an easy task. He has to deal with the twin and not to mention Holland. But he met thief and pickpocket : Delila Bard. First she robbed him but in the end she save his life. And she insist to accompany Kell on his dangerous task. She was proven a loyal friend to Kell and save him over and over again.

I lovees the way Victoria Schwab wrote all the character though I sometimes think Kell is sort of like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. He is soooo indecisive in so many things, or probably I was wrong? I suppose he has a lot to be considered as he is after all the adopted son of royal family. He has the power of magic that will need him to decide whether to use it for good or bad. And of course he chose the first one as always. Mind you, he is the main character after all. What I like, though he sometimes feel being treated like a unique procession of the royal family, he always care for Rhy. And he will go to the end of the world just to save his brother. Their bond is strong, eventhough they have different characters.

Delila or Lila is living among thieves, robbers and murderers all her life. She know how to fight and has that stubbornness that often drive Kell crazy. But I love her determination as she is not a helpless girl. Waiting for someone to save her from troubles. She loves adventures and I quoted:

"I'd rather die on adventure than live standing still" 

Though her motivation simply just for the adventure, she goes all along with Kell no matter how danger the situation for both of them. She become the caretaker for someone who has magic.

Not much about Rhy though he described as someone who people easily love. He has the charm and don't forget, he is going to be the king of Red London someday. But behind all that smile, Rhy actually a smart person. He also cares a lot about Kell and upset when Kell has to hurt himself for the sake of him. Hopefully there will be more of Rhy in the second book. Yup. The second book is on the way this February. Can't hardly wait to read it.

If you are curious about the writer, just visit her site. The book totally worth to read ^_^ 

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