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Senin, 14 Desember 2015

Sundanese Cuisine: Rumah Makan Ampera 2 Tak

Like I said many times, I am not really into Indonesian food since I think nobody can beat my mom's cooking. But when we were walking around Cikini street, this restaurant caught our attention. Or hers to be exact.  This place; Rumah Ampera 2 Tak serves Sundanese Cuisine.

So, here it is... This is not the kind of place I like to visit during the weekend. Not because I'm being snob or having too much of money. Simply because I think I had had enough, I eat in warung or canteen just for the cheap price. Not for the taste or anything like that. I'm a realistic. With a very cheap price I won't ask too much. When I mean cheap, I only need to spend probably around USD 1 or even less for lunch. This place, well depends on what you eat.

They just put so many food for us to choose on this long large table. Probably like sushi bar, kidding. And we can choose which one we want to eat. Since I loves eating ikan gurame (you can check it here), I order a piece. Yeah, they cut into 3 pieces from 1 ikan gurame. Then I chose tofu and rempeyek udang... This one I have no explanation in English but you could probably find how to cook rempeyek udang on Youtube.

What? No Rice? Nope. I have my lunch at home plus I just want to try a little bit.  But my friend picked bakwan jagung, empal (beef meat as this is a halal restaurant so no pork provided), also rempeyek udang, krupuk with rice.

The left is mine, the right belongs to my friend

Before we eat all of that, we may or should ask the waiter to fried them. So, you can eat them while they are still hot. Then after we eat all of them, we paid for the meal. Naturally, you need to be honest and not forgetful. My friend forget one food so she hurried back to the cashier and paid for it. Most food are cheap except for abon, empal and my favorite dish : ikan gurame! Arrrgh, more than 10.000,- Rupiahs!  But the taste are all good. For vegetables and sambal (chilli) are all free for us.

The cashier

This restaurant is dirty, especially when there are so many customers dining inside. By the way, this restaurant is always full even not on lunch time or dinner time. Not recommend this restaurant if you want to hang out and chit chat. But totally recommend you to try this if you like to eat or wish to try Sundanese food.

And if you are curious about this restaurant, here it is:

9 komentar:

  1. Aku pikir ampera itu masakan padang, ternyata sundaa hahaii, peyek udange begitu menggodaaa

    Palagi klo dilengkapin krupuk ala warung, dijamin mantabb

  2. Mbak ... request kasih terjemahan dong ... Buka kamus dulu kalo mau baca. :D

  3. Di cempaka putih juga ada nih, aku blom pernah makan disana sih tp beberapa kali order go food juga. Suka pepesnya, enaakk...

  4. Tapi rasa masakan mereka beda2 ya... RM Ampera yg di fatmawati enak tuh, giliran yg di rawamangun biasa aja.. sambelnya ga sepedes yg di fatmawati -__-.. yg biasa aku mkn sih lalapan ama sambel dan paru goreng mba :D Ama sayur asem lah

    1. yg di sini jg menurutku sambalnya gak pedes2 amat... tp blm tau jk dibandingkan dengan di Fatmawati dan Rawamangun :)

  5. Huaaaaa.... saya ngiler habis mbak! Harus ke sini nih kalo lagi ke jakarta, pernah teman juga posting fotonya makan di sini.

  6. Wah Ria aku kalau makan di Ampera dulu selalu pas lagi weekend nan di Bandung hahaha, gak pernah di Jakarta punya. dibilang enak banget sih standar ya tapi oke lah buat makanan Indonesia sehari-hari.


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