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Jumat, 27 November 2015

Meeting My Online Friends

I have this habit to ask someone that I know from correspondence and nowadays from the internet. Naturally, I didn’t ask all of them to see each other in person for various reasons. One of the reasons is because not all of them live in Jakarta. And even some of them live here in Jakarta, they are a bit reluctant in meeting with strangers. Yeah sure we chat about movies, food, our dreams for the future and so on. But is different when you chat with someone that you only know her or his face from pictures then suddenly there you are face to face. Why she or he wants to see me? Will our friendship continue after this meeting? Because of that reasons, and like a penpal once said to me that she would rather to keep the mystery between me and her. That's her response when I asked to exchange our photos. Noted. The mystery was too much for us and finally the correspondence just ended. No hard feelings because well we hardly know each other. 

Years after that, I have more online friends and also meeting  several of them in person. Not all foreigner, two of my online friends are Indonesian but live abroad. I met them in person when they went back home to Indonesia. One is an Indonesian woman who has married and live in Koblenz; Germany. Though we only have limited time to chit chat but we were able to meet up. I met her children and they are all looking gorgeous. The other one is another Indonesian woman who was studying in Korea. Now with her hubby; they live and working (somewhere) in Netherlands. 
Then in the year 2011 I went to Europe and therefore anxiously inform both of them and my other online friends. The other online friends were unable to make it as they live in another city. But with these two, I got that chance!

Before I went there, I asked their phone numbers but being careless, I lost my friend’s phone number who live in Germany. Panic, I borrowed my friend’s handphone who went with the same tour with me. I remember I kept her number in our chat through Facebook. We promise to meet around the area where Kaiser Wilhelm Monument located. And you know what, she and her family took me for the best tour ever. Which I will tell you all about it in my other post. They took me to Marksburg Castle and Lorelei and centre of the city. 

At Marksburg Castle
If you read my previous posting and saw the first picture on the top of my post, that was me and my friend at Lorelei.  I remembered her husband bring this travel guide book and I am totally impressed. I think he  totally wanted me to go to places that probably being skipped by other tourists.

With her kid :) *censored*

And since was Easter that day, her children bring me Easter Eggs and chocolates for me ^_^ My friends even bring me her own cooking of  martabak. Love them and I am so very grateful that we met online.

Easter presents :)

Then afterwards, I met my friend who studying and work in somewhere (can't tell) in Netherlands. I was a bit worry how in the heck we are suppose to meet as my friend would be using public transportation. But the previous night me and the group (the younger ones...) visiting Dam Square and the famous Red Light District. Naturally, these two were not on the official itinerary from the travel agent. I saw Madame Tussaud's building during the night trip and decided that would be our meeting point.

Me and the group's tour just got back from Keukenhof and after a few guiding tips from my tour guide, I use the tram and went there. Totally excited trying the public transportation though not so happy when I have to pay for the tram ticket. Kidding. I am still regretting that I can't ride a bicycle .

With my friend near Amsterdam Central Railway Station

My friend accompanied me to shop pasta and chocolates for souvenirs back home at the nearest supermarket. Then she took me to the coolest library ever : The Openbare Bibliotheek in Amsterdam. What can I say. We both a bit of bookworms so it was fascinating for us to be around so many books. On the top of the building there is the cafetaria where we both and others can enjoy great view. And have a bit of snacks

Yeah, the one on the left that's a big klapertaart :)

So what is the point meeting with strangers? Well, for is nice to have someone that we already know. Walking with us to enjoy the city's view and chit chat a bit more. Besides, when you are in another foreign country that you hardly know the's like having a family to be there for you.

Not that I am going to spend one full month staying at their home if I have the chance. No... Our meeting maybe just for a short time but it was nice for me. Seeing familiar faces that I have already met in the real life. Hopefully, I will be able to do it again in the near future...

Again, I feel the need to remind myself and all of you that meeting someone new is just like meeting new other new people. Will they take advantage of you? Will I be crazy enough to take advantage on them? I never ask to meet people that I don't trust... ;) And they won't agree to see me if they don't trust me. 

13 komentar:

  1. Seru banget bisa ketemu dengan teman, apalagi jalan-jalannya. Rasanya luar biasa :)

    1. iya... soalnya teman bisa membantu banyak banget... mulai dari memberi tahu tempat membeli makanan yang tidak mencekek kantong sampai ke tempat wisata yang tidak ada dalam daftar kunjungan kalau ikut group tour

  2. It is nice to have a friend all over the world. So when you have the chance to meet, it is nice to meet them in person. Hope the good things about the person stays 'real', i mean sometimes when you have an online friend, you only know them in the 'surface'. By meeting or get to know them, some facts might show up and disapoint us in some ways. I love this writing. -Wei-

    1. Well of course sometimes the excitement faded away once we get to know each other...the real of us. But sometimes, after that the friendship still continue. Just like any other friendship. Thanks for your comment Wei :)

  3. intinya jalan-jalannya seru deh mbak Ria...bisa ketemu teman dan keluarganya... :)

    1. betul... surprise juga saya pas temen ngajak keluarganya untuk ketemuan... :)

  4. Jalan2 seru.... bonus foto2 yaa mbak

  5. so when are you gonna meet me here in New York then? I'll bring you to all the 'touristy' places plus the hidden gem of New Yawkkk ;)

    1. hopefully someday though not so near in the future ^_^

  6. aku tuh suka banget kalo mbak Ria motret, kenapa gitu fotonya bagus baguuuusssss


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