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Senin, 10 Agustus 2015

Serenity at Salib Kasih

I'm starting to move my postings from my old-closed-blog. 

I posted this after I visited my grandma who lived and stayed most of her entire life in Medan (capital city of the province North Sumatra); during Christmas in the year 2004. She passed away a year later. We visited her hometown : Tarutung and then continue our journey to Salib Kasih. 

Salib Kasih located at Siatas Barita Hill - North Sumatra built for religious tourism and also to honor the late Reverend DR.Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen. He was a missionary to spread out Christianity to the local people. During those days, local people worship the spirit and therefore it wasn't an easy task for the late reverend. And yet he managed and spent 57 years of his life there. He passed away at the age of 84 at 23th of May 1918 and buried at Sigumpar. 

You have to do a bit of climbing of thousands of steps and I almost out of my breath. So did my dad and uncle and aunt. My grandma and my mom stayed in the car as they were unable to do those climbing. They missed the fresh air and beatiful scenery and a chance to just sit there enjoying the moment. Or say a little pray. And if we have more times, we could join the mass as well. After that, we went home and stop only for an hour near Lake Toba. Lake Toba is so big people always mistakenly think is a sea. And I can't help but imagining things like...could it be a dragon lives down there. Or any other big creatures from old tales...

These were photos taken around Salib Kasih; Tarutung

this is said the first HKBP's church, also located in Tarutung

and this is the view from lake Toba near nightfall.

4 komentar:

  1. meski pemakaman, namun pemandangannya artistik ya mb ria...
    ah ternyata ini di Medan tah

    1. Tempatnya sebenarnya di Tarutung. Detilnya bisa diintip di sini :,_Siatas_Barita

  2. Dan disana saya dilahirkan dan dibesarkan. Banyak negeri-negeri yang telah ku jalani, namun hari ku selalu rindu pada pelukan kota Tarutung


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