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Sabtu, 04 September 2010


This is actually my new blog since I just love making new blog, ever since I started the first one in the year 2003. 

Now about me, My name is Ria Tumimomor. I am a single woman who loves blogging because I find it easier to write my thoughts than to speak about it. I also published few articles on several local Indonesian magazines like Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl, Femina and twice on Reader Digest Indonesia. 

I like to cover most about daily life especially about being single but just like the name of this blog, most of them about food. Well, actually I name it Chocolicious because I totally loves chocolate. Dark chocolate is my number one eat list.

Things that I like to write the most  (other than food and rambling about being single) are:

Sometimes, I like to ask other people what things that drives them to do their activities. I like it, it helps me get to know them better.

Nooo, I am not a fashionista but being 40-ish, you will find that you can't wear just any clothes. I even created another blog just for the fun of it.

I took selfie like crazy, and my closest friends knew me too well about this hobby. So, why not write something about it?

Not that I travel to so many places, but there are always something interesting for me from traveling. The people you met on the way, the culture shock, the food and lots of other to be written here. And I include public transportation here as well. Traveling with public transportation can be fun or the other way around. There is so much to tell, I even made this experience as an article, published on Reader Digest Indonesia.

Whenever I find books, movies, or perhaps places that I like, I should write my own review here. And when I said reviews, they include placement articles and reviews with compensation. That includes affiliates and sponsorships.

Though this blog receive compensation, I also open for anyone who create their own products especially local ethnic handmade and such to promote for free. With term and condition that we can talk about, but one thing for sure, please send me the product that you wish to be promoted. I support local products totally :)

For further information or chit chat, just email me at:

I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog and who knows, maybe you will find something useful here.

Happy Reading ^_^

9 komentar:

  1. ditunggu deh tulisanmu yg berikutnya

  2. wow keren...makan2 dong. hehee

  3. hahahaha...gue gak nyangka ini bakal banyak yg komen :D

  4. Yaelaaah... Hahahahaa... Jadi dia baru sadar ada yg komentar setelah sekian lama dikomentarin... wkwkwkwkwk.... *parah!*

  5. semoga dapat benyak surat pembaca ya, supaya ada feedback atas tulisannya ^^


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