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Sabtu, 04 Juni 2016

DNA Journey - Interesting Program by Momondo


Momondo? Isn't that a traveling site? What's that got to do with this DNA project? That was the first thing crossed my mind when I received this email from Anna Wilkins. She is the publishing executive at AOL Platforms, the one who sent me details about advertising video about singleton in China.

This one from Momondo UK, they conducted survey with various people. Asking them, are they sure that they really from one ethnicity or from the exact same country. All of them stated that they pretty sure both parents and both grandparents are from the same nationality or the same ethnicity. However, after having their DNA tested it turn out that their ancestors came from different ethnics.

You may check the video about it here on YouTube

After watching the video and read more about it, I realized that yes... we should be open minded. And though to do that not require you to travel but perhaps once in a while you should try it. Learn about other people's culture and understand about other ethnicity. Traveling means you leave all those comfort behind and learn about other people's habit and daily activities. We may share the same religion but do we have the same way of doing daily activities?

I remember my first trip to Singapore and nowadays I would probably kick my younger self for the ignorance and stupidity. I thought all hot tea should be added with sugar but apparently no sugar needed for hot Chinese tea. I thought chicken noodle in Singapore would be exactly the same like I used to have back in Jakarta, but shocked to see the difference. Now come to think of it, what's the point of traveling if I still wish to have the same meal? I also remember that there were more helpful people compare to those icy one. There was always someone ready to help whenever my mom and I lost our way. So, we learn to trust and talk with strangers along the way. Sure, probably not all them to be trusted but most of them just want to share the knowledge and lend a hand to help. 

And now, I read from the Momondo site, they have this competition called DNA Journey and I almost join in. But after reading the terms and mention that this competition open to Indonesian people. I am sure that I am totally an Indonesian, though my mom and dad came from different ethnic groups. Wondering what would happen if I am allowed to take that test... 

So to all of you, read the terms and conditions first if you wish to join... and who knows... Maybe you will be the winner to travel to your ancestors countries... Wouldn't that be awesome? 

Thanks Anna for sharing with us this video ^_^

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