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Sabtu, 23 April 2016

SK-II - Marriage Market #changedestiny

When I posted and shared this video on my blog,  I just want to show to others (especially to us here in Indonesia) that in the beginning only few women plan from childhood to be single. Some of us due to condition, in the end live as a singleton. Others probably did find their soulmate but death do us part, clearly not for them. And yes, others like me just stay single and sometimes often think what would be like to have spouse and kids.

The biggest pressure comes from society and that makes the parents continue to give the same pressure to their daughters. Because women has biological time clock, and when they reach thirty the clock ticking harder and harder. The parents, I am pretty sure meant well as they are worried nobody to look after their (no longer) little girl. And they wish to have grandchildren to continue family line or just to have new generation in the house. Society, in my opionion just want to push these single women to the limits.

So, I was so surprise to get an email from the publishing executive of this advertising: Anna Wilkins. Not only that she is thanking for taking interest on this video, but she also share with me interview videos with some of those great women as well. You know, I thought that the video was based on true story but on video played by actresses and actors. It turn out, they are real people with the real problem: being called leftovers. 

I need to emphasize that I'm not an SK-II user; not because I don't like their product but simply can't afford it. So, this posting related to their advertising programs not because I'm trying to promote or being paid. I think I need to clarify on that matter. But because I feel represented by that video. Seriously, we singleton women are treated like damaged goods no matter how high our achievement at work or others. So, I think this video should be watched by many people, whether you are an SK-II user or otherwise. This video hopefully inspire many people (hopefully including me) to dare to decide our own destiny. #changedestiny campaign I think is also about not let society decide what is good for us.

As I quoted from the press release, father of one one the women: Hu Ting;  said :
“I think the biggest benefit I’ve gotten out of this experience is that the three of us in our family have been communicating to such a deep level. Now I understand her better.”

Wow, I can't imagine if me and my parents were on that video. As I know deep down they still wish me to at least find someone to spend the rest of my life. But thankfully, they don't give me the pressure anymore. My applause to those women and their family for their courage to open up. They have spoken out loud what others singleton think and wish to say to the society. 

Perhaps we can't change the society but at least let us start the change from ourselves. By not giving pressure to the singleton and please... we are not LEFTOVERS.

Thank you Anna Wilkins for sharing this information with me. 

3 komentar:

  1. Jadi inget Ika Natasha komen di twitternya, tentang bule yg bingung dengan kebiasaan orang Asia ketika ketemu wanita-wanita yang masih single (and very happy) selalu dikomentarin "kapan nikah". padahal yg kudu ditanya "apakah kamu bahagia?"

    *kemudian nyeruput cendol*

  2. Kapan nikah jadi momok banget ...

  3. Videonya insiratif banget. Menginspirasi setiap orang khususnya wanita bahwa nikah itu memang bukan perlombaan ya mbak. Bukan masalah cepet2an.


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