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Rabu, 13 April 2016

My First Gift From International GA

Christila First GA
When a friend of mine held her first giveaway to celebrate 1 year of her blog, I immediately decided to join in. To participate in this GA is very simple. All I have to do is tell her about my favorite Christmas movie that I have seen again and again and why I like that movie.

And as I quoted from my on answer from her blog, my favorite Christmas movie is:

Love Actually – Christmas celebration is the thing you should do and spend with family and friends and those that you loves. But perhaps, those who around you don’t share the same feeling. Or you got betrayed by your spouse. And sometimes you loves someone who can’t love you back. I loves how these 8 stories finally connected one another in the end… It’s Christmas time… Spread the love ^_^

Plus, in this movie Colin Firth is so dashing, Hugh Grant still cute and Andrew Lincoln’s even cuter and also Martin Freeman as a porn movie actor which …I can’t say…. Adorable?

Other cool gifts

And then of course, the day I have been waiting for... THE ANNOUNCEMENT TIME. Unfortunately, I didn't get the GODIVA which I really want it soo much. But, Saachi bracelet is also a pretty gift so yay! Oh by the way, my friend and her boyfriend are both food lovers. You may subscribe their hunting delicious food's video on YouTube. 

I didn't have to wait long for the announcement, but I did wait for ages for the gift. Both of us already like... oh dear, that gift probably gone already. Or get stuck somewhere with other undelivered mails. My friend said she has sent it around January. At least I should be receiving it around February..., right? But no... I almost gave up and felt like...crap... I have already making plans what to wear with that bracelet. 

Then on 08th of April just I was arriving at home I saw this envelope and all those weariness from taking the bus suddenly just dissapeared... Happily I tear the envelope and surprise to see that I also got two nice postcards and chocolates. And then I was goodness...., these chocolates has spending months inside this envelope. I should not make their journey a waste of time. So, I put all of them in the freezer for about 15 minutes. And within 5 minutes, all gone. Hahahhaha... Eaten by me, my mom and my dad. What can I say... we are all chocolicious... I spare another one for hot chocolate... 

No worries for the chocolates. Their long journey totally not a waste of time.

Thanks Lia ^_^  Oh and by the way, I have new dress that match the bracelet .... Actually any dress will match with that bracelet but wearing new things boost my inner beauty. Okay, I better stop before making everyone else puke.

Wearing my new dress and my new bracelet, taken the photo during the mass

5 komentar:

  1. gelangnya bagus :) datang barangnya lama banget ya, udah putus aja ya mba hehe... jadi pengen tau film Love Actually- nya :D

    1. filmnya sih biasa aja mbak... Tapi emang seru aja kl ditonton pas lagi suasana Natal. Dan banyak artis2 yg dulu blm beken ada di film itu jd tambah seru lagi

  2. kok aku jadi kebayang pingin cokelatnya ya mb ri
    bungkusnya unik, coklat luar negerih hihihi

    1. hhahahha, emang bungkusannya bikin gemess... gemes buruan pengen abisin :))))

  3. yay... finally made it safely :D

    btw itu bracelet nya passs banget di dress nya... ;)

    hot cocoa mix nya di review gak nih? :P


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