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Senin, 25 Januari 2016

Revived Roemah Kuliner

My parents and I have been visiting Megaria/Metropole theatre since ages ago. First, the theatre located near our home. Second, my parents never like watching movies in a theatre located inside some kind of mall. Third, there were so many food outlets here and most of them with affordable price. Then year after year, the place have so many changes and finally I saw this new restaurant about a few months ago and got curious. It called Roemah Kuliner (the house of culinary).

I have to inform you that Metropole was built around Dutch colonization. My parents said that there was a restaurant at the second floor at that time. However, don't know why once the place changed into billiard pool until now being renovated as Indonesian Food Gallery.

Cashier area

First of all, we need to have this food card that need to be top up starting from IDR 50.000,- as the minimum amount. Ask the cashier for the card, and she will explain to you how it works. You may top up with cash or if you have debit card from Bank Central Asia then you may use it to top up the card. Not to worry, they will return in cash for the remain balance of the card and return the card to the cashier. I top up the card within amount of IDR 200.000,-

Top up this card before having your meal

First for my mom, she ordered Soto Ayam Lamongan. It is sort of like chicken soup; iconic meal from area called Lamongan. She said is delicious but gets cold too fast and I have make it worse but took the time to take a photo at her meal. Yikes. 

Lamongan Chicken Soup

Then my father ordered Soto Daging Betawi. It is sort of a beef soup and an iconic meal from Jakarta. With lots of coconut milk. He said the same thing. Delicious but gets cold too soon.... Again, I'm just making it gets cold quicker... Sighed

Batavia Beef Soup

For me, I ordered Yamin Chicken Noodle and the taste is just so-so. I'm a bit dissapointed with the so-so meal and small portion too!

Yamin Chicken Noodle

For our drinks, my mom ordered es teler Bandung 

While me and my dad ordered teh tarik (hot tea with milk) .

Milk Tea

Overall, I think I will come here again for hang out but not to eat another noodle. The place is spacious but if you come here during lunch or dinner time, watch it. You may not get seated as the waiters are all busy.

And if you want to try Indonesian culinary and have a relaxing moment with your colleagues and friends, just visit here . To see more photos, just click it here to my album. 

Roemah Kuliner located here

10 komentar:

  1. Ga taahaaan aku liat telur puyuh n telor asinn, jadi pengen ngemil pagi pagi #eh,.

  2. penasaran ama batavia beef soup nya euy
    salam kenal ya :)

  3. Aku langsung laper liat menunya yang menggugah selera. Apalagi esnya ...

    1. iya, es teler bandung enak ... kata nyokap sih :)

  4. konsep nya mirip2 di food court MTA sama Urban Kitchen PI yah pake top up. tapi dulu aku sering kan ya ke MTA nah favorit aku di food court nya tuh siomay sama mie kangkung. enak banget. gak tau deh masih ada apa kagak. mudah2an masih :D

    aku mau es nya bagiiiii :)

    1. hmmm, aku juga sudah lama sih gak ke TA... totally crowded kalau lagi wiken. Heran padahal sudah ada CP tapi masih rameeee aja...

      yuk yuk... menurut nyokap, es teler bandungnya enak :)

  5. Sekarang apa-apa pake e-money ya mba, hehe, aku baru tau konsep resto top up seperti ini, taunya mah buat transJ aja..
    if your mom loves Soto Lamongan, You guys have to try Soto Lamongan Cak Har in Surabaya, its very delicious hehe, sekalian jalan2 ke jatim mbak :)


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