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Kamis, 21 Januari 2016

A Week After #WeAreNotAfraid

Thamrin Street - 16th of January 2016

A week ago on 14th of January 2016, Jakarta was attack by suicide bomb around Thamrin area. The news can be read here on Jakarta Post's site. Within few hours, Indonesian people flooded the twitterverse with hashtag #PrayForJakarta but then changed it to #KamiTidakTakut or #WeAreNotAfraid 

Being totally curious to see the spot where it happened I asked my friend to go with me on last Saturday 16th of January 2016. The place has turned into a local tourist's spot. Many people just to take a peek at it (including myself) and many even go further to go near the damaged Starbucks. Most of them put flowers to join many others who sent out their condolences. Others just taking selfie as if wanna show to their friends that here I am. At the exact place where it happened. 

If we didn't see many local and foreign reporters, that afternoon probably just like any other day. There are many hang out places in Thamrin area that open for 24 hours. Including the famous fast food chain McDonalds and Burger King. It was as if nothing bad ever happened here. People quickly forget bad things and hurry themselves to get move on as living people need to earn decent money to survive.  

My deep condolence for all the people who was minding their own business down there but got blown away by the attack. Leaving their family behind and now they have to deal with grief but need to move on with their life. Many thanks to all the ordinary but brave people who didn't hesitate to risk anything to save others. Many thanks also to all the policemen and armies and may all of them who still under going treatment will soon get better. Hopefully all the wounded people also recover soon and able to be back in their activities again with no fear. 

May God protect us all and hope no more attacks on any of us...anywhere...

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  1. Pergi selfie ini yang aku nggak ngertii?
    Pamer level apa sih? hahahah


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