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Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

What's In A Name?

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Well, in my family means A LOT.

I know that most of the time, we always find difficulties with other people's names. Especially if they are coming from different ethnic group or foreign people. To pronounce the name incorrectly; IMHO as long as you didn't do that on official events or any important meetings then is fine. Well, on some occasion is not that fine.

When my mom still have to go to the bank to pay electricity bills, the official in charge call her name incorrectly. Well it is her surname after marriage actually. Tumimomor is our family's name. If I was not mistaken the meaning is sort of good house or good land. So, it has a good meaning. Right? You can imagine if they said it wrong like...oh, I don't know... TUMOR? Yep... Not only being called that in public places but also on the invitation, official letters and so on. I have to read it carefully everytime I am about to get new ID Card, certificates and so on. One wrong alphabet and I would be spending a lot amount of times just to get it right. So, no they didn't mean to bully me or something. That's old school. But they simply get confuse with the names that they hardly heard of.

But, anyway...I am lost focus. Let's get back to the story about my mom when she was about to pay electricity bill. The official in charge called her : Madam TUMIMOTOR... Gosh... I would prefer they read the name stammering rather than outloud but WROOONG in every direction.

Not only our surname, but sometimes the first name. Well not sometimes. But most of the times. My Dad's name were always written as ALEK instead of Alex. While my mom was written as TIOFAN instead of Tiopan. And they got it wrong on her ID Card and also affecting her pension card and so on. And of course this is annoying because we have to get it right to the goverment office. We are so bored with the incorrect name written on wedding invitations, we decided to go to the one who wrote it right a few weeks ago! Seriously. We were surprised to see...oww, this time the name is right! We should appreciate the person who took time to make sure all names were written correctly. Silly. I suppose so.

I would rather people ask about my names many times to get it right. I often spell it and still they got it wrong and their emails lost somewhere in space. Because by writing the correct names, no matter how hard they are, means you are showing respect and pay attention. And people will feel appreciated by the gesture. It doesn't matter you said it wrong, because heck...we don't have that cool tongue that can speak Valyrian. But at least we try to care starting by writing the names correctly.

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  1. It's only about how well people pay attention to read others name.

    1. indeed... often we are too lazy to read other people's name carefully before saying it outloud


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