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Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

Thou Shall Not Be My Friend

A few years ago when I first time created my account, I did not use my real name. Why? Simply because I don't want anybody in the office know about my account. Okay, it's not that I was talking trash about work, my ex boss and so on. But I felt I could express my emotion more freely. Hmmm, now come to think about it...perhaps I did talk about my bad day in the office. Like for example: Oh Gosh...., I am beat... If I wrote that using my real name then within minutes all my colleagues will going to comment. And worst, they are going to connect two things and another and create wild imagination that I must have argued with my boss and so on.

Which is why, we should not add our colleague in the office to become our friends on social media.

The above story is a bit vague for you to understand the reason why we must not friended with our colleagues on social media. Okay, I will give you few stories....

Someone told me that her friend has a friend who has a friend (hahahahah) in the office who friended with all her colleagues on Facebook. Including her bosses. Anyway, one day she called the office and inform them she can't come since she was not feeling well. Well, we all probably have been there. Having a bad mood and decided to not come to the office. It's only for a day. It doesn't matter. No need to prepare letter from a doctor explaining that the patient need to rest for a day. We all have that kind of day in our life. And then she went some place and chat about it on social media. Which her colleagues and naturally her boss read it. Know it that she wasn't sick just didn't want to come to the office because she has urgent matter at home. Naturally, when she was back in the office her boss asked to fill out her leave application form.

Second one, another friend of mine told me about her colleague calling sick and unable to come to the office. And then, at the same day they saw her photos in Bali. Obviously she is very healthy and able to go traveling elsewhere. When she was back in the office, her boss told her to clean up her desk. She is instantly fired that day with reason she was still on probabtion and her credential is considered not good.

So, if you have double life then friended your colleague on any social media is A NO NO. If you wish to have separate life between your life at work and personal then friended your colleague on any social media is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

If it happens you can't say no when they ask your account then you will have to do the following:
1. If you have called the office and say you can't come because of being sick then keep on pretending of being sick. Don't go anywhere because someone from the office might spotted you ; if they goes to that place on job's assignment.

2. If you have called  the office and say you are sick then you can't come, but you need to go out somewhere then do it. But don't post it on your social media account.

3. You said you are sick. You can't come to the office. Fine. But the real reason because you want to go on holiday but refuse to officially take one or two day leave. Go if you feel you are entitled to. Just don't brag about it on social media.

In short, if you decided to lie then stick up with your plan and don't make an announcement to inform the whole wide world your real situation.

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